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Scollar creates smarter owners with happier pets.

We are excited to announce our first product—a FREE Mobile App that makes it fun to train your dogs, and yes, even cats.

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All the Best Pet Training in One Place

No more tedious hunting. The Scollar community rates the videos, allowing only the best ones to rise to the top.

Train Multiple Pets

Tell us a little about each of your furry friends, and we’ll serve up training videos tailored to each of them. Set up as many dogs and cats as you like, then track their progress individually.

Your Pet’s Own Page

Access training lessons, view progress, and earn badges for each pet on their very own page.

Record Your Pet’s Progress

Use simple tools to track how your pet is progressing with their training.

Share Your Pet’s Success

Scollar makes it easy for you to brag a little about how much your pet is learning!

Get the Scollar App

Scollar makes is easy for you to get the best training videos for your dog or cat.

There’s more cool products on the way!

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