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Kids and pets are a terrific combination. And, as it turns out, there are many ways that pets help improve children's self-esteem, bonding ability, and communication skills.
Spring is here in all of its glorious splendor. And so are the allergies that come with it. If your dogs and cats are starting to scratch and sneeze and lick their paws, we can help you keep them more comfortable.
Pet hair here.  Pet hair there.  Pet hair everywhere.  Don't worry.  We've gathered 9 tips to help you get all that hair under control.
You may be tempted to take your relationship to the next level, by becoming pet parents. The cuddles. The adorable photos. The walks and adorable play dates! But (pet) parenthood is a big deal! Here's how to know if you and your partner are truly ready for it.
Fleas are a nuisance in any season. They can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, grouchy pets (and grouchy pet parents) and more. We've outlined the signs and symptoms of fleas, and how to treat them.
Tips for celebrating Valentine's Day with your partner with minimal distractions from your furry fam!
With Winter comes snow games and new safety challenges for your pets. Read our tips for Winter safety!
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Cats are amazing creatures.  Cats are elusive, yet playful. They seek attention and then scorn it. They will go from licking your hand to biting it without so much as a thought. If you have recently brought home a cat, you're going to need some guidance about how to take care of them and how to enjoy the delights they bring.
So you got a new furry bundle of love and now you need help protecting your furniture, training them and getting that new pooch adjusted to the kids. We have a few great tips to get you started.
January 22nd is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Yep, it's a thing! A day to really listen to our cat’s every meow and understand their behavior. We rounded up five questions they usually ask and how to answer them.
So you've made the decision to get a dog or cat. Hooray! Pets are a lot of fun, can be exceptional cuddlers, and offer emotional support. There's a lot to do to prepare for your new furry family member, so let's get planning!