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12 Do-It-Yourself Gifts for Dogs & Cats

12 Do-It-Yourself Gifts for Dogs & Cats

Did you wait too long to buy holiday gifts for your furry family? Don't worry!  We rounded up the cutest do-it-yourself gifts for doggo & kitty that you can pull together quickly and easily. 


For Doggo: 

No Sew T-Shirt Toys 

Braided dog toy made from a blue t-shirt from sewhistorically.com

Now you can repurpose all of those old t-shirts cluttering up your drawers into something your dog will love! This post has five different toys you can make with t-shirts, all of them fun and sure to delight your pup. 

Get the instructions HERE


Dog Sign with Treat Jar and Leash Holder

    Do it yourself dog sign with treat jar and leash holder from musthavemom.com

    We love the cleverness of this leash holder with a large treat holder right next to it.  This set up makes heading out the door on a walk with puppers so easy! And it is super easy to make too.  Score. 

    Learn how to make this cool gift HERE!


    Denim Dog Toys 

    do it yourself denim dog toys at pillarboxblue.com

    We all have pairs of jeans we should have thrown out years ago.  Why not upcycle those ragged old favorites into a cool new dog toy your furry pal will love? Not only does it create an earth friendly toy for your pal, the jeans already smell like you, which puppers will love.

    Easy peasy instructions HERE!


    Peanut Butter Dog Treats  

      homemade peanut butter cookies for dogs with bone shaped cookie cutter from damndelicious.net

      These bone shaped peanut butter dog treats look good enough for hoomans to eat! Not only are these a winner with doggos, but they give you the peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what is in your furry family's treats.

      Get the recipe HERE!


      Treat dispenser 

        Do it yourself dog treat dispenser with pug staring at treats from dailydogtag.com

        This treat dispenser repurposes a chicken nesting box into a toy that requires thinking on the dog's part. Once your smarty pants figures out how to make these treat filled bottles drop those tasty morsels on the floor, she will be entertained AND smarter! Win. Win.  

        Learn how to make it HERE!


        Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Christmas Ornament: 

          White and tan dog sitting next to salt dough paw print christmas ornament from craftymorning.com

          From making the dough to helping get the pawprint impression, to painting the baked ornament, this easy gift is the perfect craft for people of all ages. And now your floof can take her place on the Christmas tree with pride.

          Get the instructions HERE



          golden retriever mosaic with fruity ice cubes from sugerthegoldenretriever.com

          Always a hit with doggos, the regular old ice cube takes on a cool new twist when filled with fruits they love. This recipe focuses mostly on blueberries and strawberries.  You can mix things up and put pumpkin or turkey in these little ice cubes too.  

          Make these cool treats HERE!


            FOR KITTY 

            Cat Scratcher

              grey cat playing with toy while sitting on top of do it yourself cat scratcher from we-are-scout.com

              This easy to make cat scratcher is really just a repurposed wood crate. The instructions use a nightstand from IKEA.  But any old crate will do! We found other versions you can use at Etsy and Home Depot. Put it near the couch or your home office desk so you cat has their very own perch next to you.

              Make it HERE!  


              Distressed Catnip Gingerbread Man 

                grey cat chewing on do it yourself gingerbread man catnip toy from dreamalittlebigger.com

                Drive your kitty crazy with these catnip filled gingerbread men. Heck, make gingerbread ladies too. The cool part about these toys, besides how easy they are to make, is that they include the bite in the leg or arm as part of the pattern. And you can bet that your furry pal will be supervising when you fill the gingerbread toy with catnip.

                Make it HERE! 


                Cat Puzzles

                  Do it yourself stuffed sock toy mosaic from catfriendly.com

                  This blog has three easy peasy toys to make for cats.  And even better, these toys are made with things you already have lying around your house - like those old socks in the back of your drawer.  Throw in some catnip to make these toys irresistible.

                  Get the instructions HERE!


                  Cactus Scratching Post Do it yourself cactus cat scratcher at kayleeeylander.com

                    Who knew that plumbing pipes and flushing could make such an adorable cat scratching post! We love the addition of the flowers on this clever cat toy.  You can even hang some dangly beads or stuffed toys to it to keep them entertained even longer.

                    Learn how to make it HERE!


                    No-Sew Cat Teepee Bed 

                    woman sitting with cat who is sitting in a no sew cat teepee bed at coffeewithsummer.com

                    Cats love to hide in nooks and crannies all over the house.  This adorable teepee gives them their very own little tent.  And the best part is how easy it is to make.  Hang some toys from the top so they can play while they lounge. 

                    Get the instructions HERE!


                    Epic DIY Cardboard Cat Castle

                    do it yourself cat cardboard castle at cuteness.com

                    What are you going to do with all of those boxes leftover from the packages delivered during the holiday season?  Why make your kitties a cardboard castle, of course!  This one is painted and has a nice grass mat for their royal feline family.  

                    Learn how to make it HERE!


                    Happy Holidays, ya'll.  Enjoy making your furry family these fun do-it-yourself gifts.  We are certain they will be glad to help you!