Halloween for Pets: The best DIY Costumes for 2020

Halloween for Pets: The best DIY Costumes for 2020

We've officially entered The Holiday Season. First up: HALLOWEEN, a night of spooky fun that can easily include your resident furball. Who doesn't welcome the opportunity to dress up their pet and parade them before the neighbors in an utterly goofy getup?

This year you might find yourself doing Halloween a little bit differently.  Maybe you all dress up and do silly videos on Tik Tok instead of going door to door.  Or maybe you just parade around the neighborhood at dusk just to entertain everyone who has been stuck at home for months.

We've gathered up some of the cutest do-it-yourself costumes for both dogs and cats so you can make the most of Halloween 2020.  Let's go!  

The Walrus

dog walrus costume to make at home courtesy of instructable.com on the Scollar personalized pet marketplace.
Photo courtesy of Instructables.com


That's right. You can't un-see it, nor do you want to. This is a dog looking at you with her big 'ole Walrus eyes, dressed as a...Walrus. This particular pooch is named Echo, and this is a bona fide homemade Walrus suit, giant tusks and all. According to Echo's pet Mom: "The Walrus costume is essentially a shell. It fits over the dog's head and drapes down her back. There are no securing straps, elastic and what have you underneath to keep it in place, it stays still because it encompasses her sides as well." Get the details here, including the original sketches.



orange tabby cat wearing a red fez had you can make at home. on the Scollar personalized per marketplace.
Photo courtesy of SpindlesandSpices.Blogspot.com

You don't have to watch the Disney movie to appreciate this one. Since your cat likely thinks he or she is royalty, why not make their dreams come true this Halloween? Sassy. Superficial. Spectacular. There's no way your cat is not going to love it. For bonus points, get them a cute little magical carpet to go with. Check it out here.



close up pic of brown chihuahua dog wearing a pirate costume. on the Scollar personalized pet marketplace.
Photo courtesy of Irresistiblepets.net

Nope, it can't be over-done. This one goes out to all the little dogs that are living the thug life. This costume - which only requires a few materials - can take the most innocent cuddle monster and turn him into the kind of canine you don't want to run into after dark. Bad to the bone. Instructions here.


Minion Cat

DIY yellow felt minion hat costume for cat courtesy of 2 cats and 1 doll on Scollar personalized pet marketplace


OK, so even though the cat is wearing the Minion cap, don't make the mistake of believing your cat is the Minion.  You, dear hooman, are the Minion in the relationship.. which makes this costume even funnier.  We can't wait to see the pics of cats wearing this get up.  Learn how to make it in a nifty video tutorial HERE



small white dog wearing a cupcake costume
Photo courtesy of Makeazine.com

This costume is so adorable.  Turn your floof into a pupcake! This costume is light, which is perfect for small dogs.  And the costume creator made it comfortable so a dog will not mind wearing it. the last, and most important consideration, was to make sure it would stay upright! Your pup will be the most delicious pupcake in the neighborhood. Scoop up the instructions HERE


 The Martini

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Here's an opportunity to transform the cone of shame into something magical: a doggie martini. Straight up, shaken, olives. Yes, please! This one requires a bit of painting and foam balls to pull it off. Here's how you can make it. (We're not squealing, you're squealing!)


The Cat Bus

DIY cat bus felt costume courtesy of Sweet Ipomoea on the Scollar personalized pet marketplace

Remember the adorable Cat Bus from the movie My Neighbor Totoro? We do too! This felt costume is super easy to make and is the perfect costume for your feline friend. Learn how to make those amazing costume HERE.


 Dog Gnome

Do it yourself gnome costume for dogs at Crafting Chicks on the Scollar personalized pet marketplace.
Photo courtesy of TheCraftingChicks.com

This adorable gnome costume is perfect for your pup or your kid. And it only takes about 30 minutes to make. The instructions are super easy to follow for all you newbie costume creators. Get the instructions HERE!

Cat Fish

Do it yourself felt fish costume for cats courtesy of coolest homemade costumes on the Scollar personalized pet marketplace.

This costume is just too obvious.  Cat fish. Get it? This costume is a combination of old t-shirts, felt, and craft odds and ends. It is super lightweight, meaning your furry pal just might tolerate it. Learn how to make it HERE.


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