Dress Up With Your Pet For Halloween! The 2023 Edition

Dress Up With Your Pet For Halloween! The 2023 Edition

There's Halloween costumes. There's pet HALLOWEEN costumes. And then there's dressing up WITH your dog for Halloween. Pure magic!

Dressing your pets in costume this year is a big deal. In fact, an estimated 31 million people will be doing just that, and spending approximately $480 million while they do it. This trend is growing in popularity: people want their pets to have the same magical, creative experience that they experience themselves on Halloween night.

But dressing up with your pets takes this concept one step further. It takes a "family approach" to the holiday (and adds a whole new level of fun). If you're considering this approach, first consider what your dog thinks about clothing.

Do they think it's cozy...or will a costume even survive the night, and instead get treated like a chew toy or torture device? If your dog hates clothes, this may not be for you. And, even if your pets are fashionistas, keeping it simple is probably best.

Wayne's World


waynes world matching person dog costume

The resemblance here is uncanny! And we just have to comment on the sheer size of this adorable Irish Wolfhound. We found this Wayne's World matching costume on Reddit and think it can be easily assembled as long as you can find a cool guitar to go with it!


Up, Up and Away!

up matching person and dog costume

Up is a classic feel good movie. And we absolutely LOVE this matching person and dog "Up" costume set up.  Even the stance of Mr. Fredricksen is sheer perfection. 

Hot Dog Vendor


 boy and dog dressed up like hot dog vendor and hot dog

This one is super obvious.  Dressing up your dog like a hot dog is classic.  With the addition of the hot dog vendor, complete with the box of goodies, this costume is exceptional.  And the instructions are fantastic.

Mary Poppins

mary poppins costume family and pets


This family of four dressed up like the iconic Mary Poppins and her friends.  Check out the fun way they decorated their porch too.  

Garden Gnomes

matching person and dog garden gnomes costumes from brit & co


We always giggle when we see a gnome peeking out of a garden.  So, we were tickled to find this matching get up for dog mom and puppers. And, yes, she is sporting that white beard like nobody's business. 

Smore To Love

smores trio costume for humans and dogs at the little sloth


OK, OK, that was a corny title, but oh, so accurate.  This smore's trio costume for pet parents and doggos is adorable and easy to make. 

Double Up On Cuteness

By doing the 'ole Baby-Dog Combo. Pair a furball with a chunky, smiley baby and it results in an explosion of cute. No, we're not squealing, you're squealing!
XOXO Bella has a list of 26 adorable costumes for pet parents and their pups.  Check out these two below. 
batgirl and robin pet owner and dog costume
monsters inc halloween costumes for pet parents and dogs
Chewy offers a great list of pet parent and pet costume ideas.  Their list even includes cat costumes, which we LOVE!! Here are a couple of their cat ideas. 
man and cat halloween costume avocado and toast
hot dog vendor and cat in hot dog costume
Now that your creative juices are flowing, get out there and start planning your 2023 Halloween matchy-matchy outfits! 
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