10 Holiday Gifts For Your Dog-Obsessed Friend: The Best of 2023

10 Holiday Gifts For Your Dog-Obsessed Friend: The Best of 2023

It's that time of year again... time to find cool gifts for the people we love. We all have at least one or two dog fanatics in our life.  You know the ones... they fawn and gush over their furry family.  So... here are some of the coolest gifts we've seen for the dog lover in your life.  

Masters Creative Pet Prints

These adorable prints take your photograph and digitally stylize it into a pet portrait. Sure to be a loved gift for any pet lover and a wonderful addition to any room. 



masters creative digital pet portraits


Thoughts of Dog book by Matt Nelson

We love the fine folks at We Rate Dogs and how they know exactly what we need to feel good every day.  We love how they energize their community to help other dogs in need. And we really love this book by founder, Matt Nelson. Thoughts of Dog has a highly popular Twitter feed that you should also follow. 



thoughts of dog book by matt nelson


Pet Face Photo Pillow

Etsy store, Furrlio, makes these super cute pillows that sport a very accurate portrait of your furry loved one. Send them a picture and they will send you back a fun addition to your living room. They refer to these adorable pillows as a "canvas of love" and we couldn't agree more.



pet face photo pillow from furrilo on etsy


Personalized Pet Fleece Blanket

We love these furry fleece blankets for our furry pals.  They are available in three sizes and personalized with your pets name.  Choose from 37 different colors to perfectly complement your home.



golden doodle on personalized fleece blanket by bwnbwn on etsy


Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

These dog shaped cement sculptures are cute and charming and will add serenity as well as a bit of whimsy to your garden or patio. Each sculpture also has the Chinese characters for loyalty etched into the back of the dog's robe, perfectly capturing their love and devotion to their people.



zen dog statues by michael gentilucci at uncommon goods


How to Speak Dog Cards

Want to discover the meaning of different tail wags, barks, and facial expressions?  These cards have all sorts of facts about breeds and behaviors.  Make learning about your furry pal fun and educational at the same time!



how to speak dog cards at uncommon goods


Matching Sweaters

This is the gift you had no idea you needed.  A matching sweater for you and your puppster. Good Thomas makes a variety of human and pet matching clothing for all seasons.  We areally like this winter scene because, well... it's winter! 



matching human and dog sweaters from good thomas


Bonne et Filou Peanut Butter Macarons

Who knew you could get peanut butter macrons for your furry pal?  Well, you can!  These delicious macrons come in a variety of dog pleasing flavors and are even human grade. They are made with all natural ingredients right here in the USA.  



bonne et filou peanut butter macarons at chewy




DASH Dog Treat Maker

We love this clever dog treat maker because it reminds us of a waffle iron.  Easy to use and clean up, you can pour your homemade better into the treat maker, close the lid and within minutes you will have fresh, hot, healthy treats.  What flavors will you make? 



dash dog treat maker 8 bones at amazon




Personalized Dog Robe

This cozy robe is super soft and comes with a hood. You can personalize it with your pet's name and choose from 9 different colors. Whether you have a toy dog or a great dane, this robe is sure to make bath time better for your pups.



personalized dog robe by whiskersworld at etsy


Happy Holidays from all of us at the Scollar Pack! 

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