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Hoppy's First Birthday

Hoppy's First Birthday

It's Party Time!

It was a clear, sunny day at Washington Park in Northern California. The perfect day for a first birthday party! But this is not just any first birthday... this is Hoppy's first birthday. Hoppy, is an adorable Golden Doodle and much loved member of Robin and Chris's family. Hoppy's birthday was on a Saturday, so Robin decided to gather up her friends and their doggies and spend the day in the park. The birthday girl was wearing her special party bandanna. She drew the line at the pointy birthday hat. Hoppy was a terrific host, running around happily from her doggie friends to her people friends. Robin and Chris take her everywhere - on hikes, to dinner, to the beach - so Hoppy is comfortable in pretty much any social setting. She even went to an art and wine festival with Robin and Chris recently, although she didn't like that quite as much as running after a fresh tennis ball. Hoppy had several friends to play with at her birthday party in addition to her people. Her buddy, Mala, was there, sporting a pink tutu. Hoppy thought it was funny that they both wore pink to the party. Even Hoppy's pet sitter came, which made Hoppy very happy. Robin had lots of food for her two legged and four legged guests. The people food was dog themed and had clever dog names. Robin made pupcakes with pawprints for her guests. The birthday girl had her very own bone shaped cookie with icing. Yummy...

Let's Play Ball!

The doggies even got presents! Frisbees, rope toys, treats, and the always popular tennis ball. After some initial socializing it was time to get down to serious play. The guests played fetch and bocce ball, then munched on all that amazing food. What a great way to celebrate!

Happy birthday, Hoppy!