Scollar Quick Guide: Keep Your Dogs & Cats Cool this Summer

Scollar Quick Guide: Keep Your Dogs & Cats Cool this Summer

Trying to keep your fur babies cool in the summer heat? Here is our infographic showing you hot weather safety tips for keeping pets (and you!) cool this summer. Be sure to save it to your phone or computer so you always have it handy!


8 ways to keep your furry family cool this summer at scollar personalized pet care


1. Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Tip number 1 is to always have a water bottle handy, especially when taking your pet outdoors on a warm, sunny day. You may also want to bring collapsible water bowls to make it a lot easier for your pet to drink. Adding a few drops of canned tuna broth in the water can help entice cats to drink since their thirst drive is not as well-developed as dogs. Always offer plenty of fresh water to drink at home too!. 

Tip number 2 is to give them something cold to eat! We are huge fans of these delish collections of cold treats for hot days.

You can even freeze fruit chunks, like watermelon, to give them when you are out and about. Pack those frozen treats in a soft sided, insulated lunch box for both of you to snack on. Sweet! 

2. Go For Walks When It's Cooler

Environmental temperatures are often at their peak between 10am and 4pm. If you can, avoid going outdoors with your pet during these times of the day. If you have a daily routine with your pet such as walking or jogging, you may want to do it early in the morning, late afternoon, or even early evening when environmental temperatures are a lot more comfortable for your pet.

Pavement can get very hot and burn your pet's paws.  Additionally, animals sweat through their paws.  Walking on hot pavement makes cooling themselves even harder. Consider getting your puppers protective balm or insulated booties for their paws. And, since dogs relieve themselves outside, be sure to have a nice, shady, cool spot for them to do their business. 

3. Avoid Leaving Your Pet Inside Your Car

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your pet inside your car parked under the sun. If it is 90 degrees outside, your car’s cabin temperature can easily reach 160° within 10 minutes. Even cracking your car windows open will not cool the cabin temperature. It may reduce the temperature but only by a fraction. If it is unavoidable that you have to leave your pet inside your car even for a while, it is a lot better to just leave them at home. 

4. Don’t Skip the Vet Visit

A visit to your vet should help you determine the best possible protection for your pet. Your vet can also perform a very thorough examination of your pet so that different health issues can be addressed properly. This also helps prepare your pet for the summer heat. You can also ask your vet for more specific instructions on how you can help your pet stay cool and safe in hot weather.

5. Learn the Signs of Heatstroke

It's important to know that signs of heatstroke in animals. 

Symptoms of heatstroke include:

  • Excessive panting and/or salivating
  • Obvious discomfort
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Disorientation
  • Seizures

If you see these symptoms, call your vet right away. 

6. Let Your Pets Have Fun with Water

You need to keep your pets cool. While giving them plenty of water to drink can address their need for hydration, sometimes you’ll also need the cooling effects of water yourself especially during hot summer days. If your pets are not afraid of water, now’s the best time to let them play in your garden, either in the sprinklers or a pet swimming pool.

Since pets cool themselves through their paws, make sure you give them ways to get their paws wet.  Sprinklers on lawns, kiddie pools, hikes next to creeks and rivers... all good ways to allow puppers to get cooled off quicker. 

7. Keep Your Home and Your Pet’s Home Cool

At the end of a hot day, you and your pet will be happy to come home to a cool house. If you live in a hot area, make sure that your air conditioning unit is working properly. Also, make sure your house has adequate ventilation to keep air flow moving throughout.

If your doggo is panting when you get home, put a bottle filled with frozen water next to them where they lay down. Or fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and lay it across their belly when they lay down. You can even get them a cooling mat! And remember those frozen treats you made earlier, be sure to give one to your furry pal to reward them for being so good. 

Note: Panting in cats is nololokt normal and should be followed up right away with a call to your vet.

8. Groom Them Often

Did you know that regular grooming helps keep them cool too? The coat of your dog or cat acts as an insulating layer. the key is to keep it trimmed, brushed, and free of mats and knots. This allows for better air flow through their fur, which helps them cool off. 

Stay cool, Scollar Pack!

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