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Growing Together

We rely on tech to make our lives convenient, easier, safer, more fun. Imagine tech making your life with your pets convenient, easier, safer, & more fun. We innovated Scollar for exactly this reason.
One of life’s undeniably simple pleasures—for pet owners, that is—is taking a relaxing stroll with your pooch. Until it’s a full-blown sidewalk tug-of-war, with your furry pal who wants to sniff everything or just plain refuses to move! Don't worry! We've got some great tips to get you both back on track.
Camille and her two dogs, Muppet and Cricket, commute together to work every day. Using a combination of biking, walking, and riding the train, she & her furry pals set the standard for including pets in your work life. Read their story here!
Did you know that Frenchies compete in dog shows too? Learn about Tony and his adorable Frenchies and their adventures on the dog show circuit.