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Growing Together

If your furry pal is your special Valentine this year, we have lots of cool ways you can say "I love you, puppers!"
We rely on tech to make our lives convenient, easier, safer, more fun. Imagine tech making your life with your pets convenient, easier, safer, & more fun. We innovated Scollar for exactly this reason.
You love your cat like family. Your cat sleeps nearly 23 hours a day. Guest contributor, Chris Brantner of Sleep Zoo, shares his reasons for getting your royal catness a comfy bed of their own.
  • 3 min read
One of life’s undeniably simple pleasures—for pet owners, that is—is taking a relaxing stroll with your pooch. Until it’s a full-blown sidewalk tug-of-war, with your furry pal who wants to sniff everything or just plain refuses to move! Don't worry! We've got some great tips to get you both back on track.
It's Valentines Day! And we know you have a special pet you want to show some love. Our friends at Top Dog Tips have shared their top 9 ideas for showing your furry pal the feels today.
So you got a new furry bundle of love for Christmas and now you need help protecting your furniture, training them and getting that new pooch adjusted to the kids. We have a few great tips to get you started.
You know that old tale about cats not liking to take walks on a leash? Well Omari and his cat, Tiny Mighty, respectfully disagree. Learn how these two explore the neighborhood on a very long leash.
  • 3 min read
Have you ever found the Christmas tree toppled, decorations broken to pieces, presents scattered about, and your guilty pup entwined in the lights? Diana Beth Miller of Top Dog Tips has just the list for you!
Meet Jessica Ching, trainer extraordinaire for Dogs 4 Diabetics! These amazing dogs reduce fear and bring great comfort to the many people in the US living with diabetes. Jessica is a ScollarTales superhero!