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Spring is here in all of its glorious splendor. And so are the allergies that come with it. If your dogs and cats are starting to scratch and sneeze and lick their paws, we can help you keep them more comfortable.
Fleas are a nuisance in any season. They can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, grouchy pets (and grouchy pet parents) and more. We've outlined the signs and symptoms of fleas, and how to treat them.
Bugs (like humans) like to come out and party during the warm summer months. Then they move into your home and stay. It's important to stop them now so you don't have fleas biting your ankles on New Years Day.
  • 3 min read
Gus and Monkey show you how to deal with those yucky ticks.
  • 4 min read
Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Enzo, Yes, I'm a dog. And I know a lot about fleas. Fleas are yucky... I will tell you what those darn bugs mean to me, and how my mom helps keep them out of our home.
Summer may be a time for mowing and gardening our lawns, but the pesticides and weed killers that often accompany these activities are extremely toxic to animals. Learn preventative measures you can take to protect your pets and your garden.