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Growing Together

If you think it's hot outside, your pets thinks its sweltering.  Here are 6 simple, effective ways to keep your furry family cool and happy when the temperatures soar.
Wouldn't it be great if your life was as adorable as that cute puppy video you just watched? Real life with families and pets is nothing short of chaos, especially in these trying times. So we rounded up some tips to help you manage life with young ones, both human and furry.
As if dogs couldn't get any better, now we know one more amazing thing about dogs: they get us moving! That's right, dogs help us lead active, healthy lifestyles. Read on to see what the research says.
Summer may be a time for mowing and gardening our lawns, but the pesticides and weed killers that often accompany these activities are extremely toxic to animals. Learn preventative measures you can take to protect your pets and your garden.
Summer vacations are a blast, but what about traveling with your pet? If you're thinking about taking a trip with your cat or dog, here are some things to evaluate before you book your trip.
Do your dog's farts send you running out of the room? Learn what may be causing your dog to fart, and what you can do about it.
Kids and pets are a terrific combination. Guest contributor, Emily Parker of, shares 9 amazing ways kids benefit from growing up with pets.
Dental care is critical to your dog's health and can prevent things like cancer, heart disease, and tooth decay. Ash Babariya of Simply for Dogs shares easy-to-apply dental tips to give your doggy the best dental care possible.
Toy dogs are adorable and quickly becoming very popular among younger, city dwelling pet owners. Caring for these pint sized dogs can be challenging, so here are some tips to help care for these cute pups.
Does your dog love cheese as much as mine does? Is it actually safe to feed him this treat? Our friends at Top Dog Tips demystify this very important topic.