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Tech Blog Writer and Dog Dad - Neil C. Hughes

Tech Blog Writer and Dog Dad - Neil C. Hughes

Tech Blog Writer Talks to Scollar

Neil Hughes writes for Inc., Huffington Post and NextWeb, garnering over 4 million views of his tech articles. His very popular podcast, Tech Blog Writer, has listeners in 150 countries. In 2015, he was ranked the #2 tech writer of the year on LinkedIn. He is known for his timely and potent content about the tech world. In short, Neil is a journalist rock star. Neil recently interviewed Scollar CEO, Lisa Tamayo, for his Tech Blog Writer podcast. They talked about growing a hardware company, building an open platform solution for pets, and what it's like to work with her husband (Scollar CTO, John Kennedy).

Turning the Tables

Neil is also known for weaving a personal touch into his interviews, and true to form, Lisa and Neil's conversation quickly expanded to their own pets, whom they both love like crazy. Lisa has a 9-year old Golden Retriever, Zuko, who is featured in Scollar branding. And Neil is the proud parent of an adorable 5-month old Rough Collie named Finn. Lisa wanted to share Neil's adventures with Finn on the ScollarTales blog, turning the tables on the man normally in the driver's seat with these conversations. Neil graciously agreed, allowing us to peek into this renowned writer's life with a pet.

Life with Puppy Finn

Neil and his wife, Kerry, were introduced to the joys of life with a Rough Collie with their first dog, Ben. Ben passed away at the age of 14, leaving both of them devastated and unwilling to go through that loss again. Their pain soon gave way to a yearning for another four legged companion, so Kerry searched for a Rough Collie breeder, finding one 100 miles away from their home. After months of keeping in touch with the breeder, they were delighted to bring home the only boy in the 9-puppy litter. Neil and Kerry have two separate but important roles when it comes to raising Finn. Kerry is the "bad cop", ensuring Finn gets the training he needs and getting up two or three times a night to let Finn out to go to the bathroom. Finn follows Kerry around everywhere. Neil, on the other hand, takes the "fun dad" role, playing with and fussing over Finn, who loves to jump on Neil after his daily run, hoping to lick all that sweat off his dad's face. Finn, now five months old, is losing his baby teeth and Neil reports that one morning they found three puppy teeth on the floor next to Finn's bed. Neil adds that all this teething is causing Finn to chew on everything that moves and everything that doesn't move. Nothing important has found its way into Finn's mouth yet. As long as Finn has those yummy chew sticks, Neil and Kerry's shoes and glasses should be safe. Listen to more of Neil and Lisa's conversation on the Tech Blog Writer website and iTunes.