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The Connected Pet: Do Bonding & Tech Mix?

The Connected Pet: Do Bonding & Tech Mix?

Does a Connected Pet Device Bring You Closer To Your Pet?

If you’re a tech-lover you’ve probably scoped out cool gadgets for your cat or dog. You know, the laser pointers from metal cubes, smart collars that track your pets, microchip-activated food dishes, puppy potty trainers, video chats, litter box robots… to name a few. These tech innovations, known as connected pet devices, are shiny, fun, and cool. But what exactly is a connected pet device?

Do they bring you closer to your pet? Sometimes. Do they make pet care easier? Sometimes.

Some gadgets make the more mundane pet chores less, well, mundane. Anyone can appreciate not having to scoop that nasty litter box. And for the working pet parent, being able to check in on your dogs and cats who are home alone is an anxiety reducer. But there truly is no substitute for the sheer joy of getting outdoors, playing, or cuddling with your dogs and cats. It would seem that there are actually two meanings to the phrase connected pet. Let us explain…

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Have an Emotional Connection

  • Take your dog for a walk! Not only is this a great way to spend time together, it is a super healthy activity for both of you.
  • Play with your pets! Hide treats all over the house and have your dog find them. Tie a sparkly string to a stick and drag it behind you as the cat stalks you from around corners. Plop down on the floor and rub bellies and backs to elicit slobbery kisses and contented purrs.
  • Groom your furry family members. Brushing, claw clipping, bathing, etc. Not only does it make them look super sharp, it feels amazing for your dog or cat.

Have a Technology Connection

  • Know what you want the technology to do for you AND your pet. Are you worried about losing your pet? Do you want to keep an eye on your pet during the day? Is your older pet starting to have health issues? Does your furry friend bark a lot or dig their claws into your nice couch?
  • Learn about the technology before you buy. After your read the description of the product, you should read the user reviews. There is no better way to learn how this tech operates in the real world than from customers who bought before you.
  • Set up the technology in a realistic way. You want to use this stuff every day, right? Pet tech could easily become like that New Year’s Resolution. Set realistic expectations for your tech device so you don’t break up with it two weeks later.
  • Never use a connected pet device as a substitute for good old fashioned interaction and bonding with your pets. There truly is no substitute for the love, devotion, and loyalty of a pet. Well, a dog anyway… your cat may lick you on occasion, which we view as a win!

In our view, you can have a connected pet in both senses of the word – emotional and technological. Just as with any relationship, it takes some thought, work and commitment. Your furry family will thank you and your connection to them will only get stronger.