Traveling with your Pet: 5 Tips for Success

Traveling with your Pet: 5 Tips for Success

Planning things out before you travel is always central to a stress-free trip. If you’re planning on bringing your furry friend along, it’s even more important to check off a few more boxes. Here are simple tips to help your loyal companion adjust and enjoy the ride.

Heading Out On a Road Trip

Before taking your first road trip with your pet, take them on short test drives so they’ll get adjusted to the new noises and movements of your car (and of how you drive!).

Make sure to safely secure their kennel or pet carrier, preferably somewhere you can see or pet them in case they need a little extra reassurance during your trip. 

It’s also important that they have enough space for them to move around, this will help reduce the likelihood of motion sickness and confinement induced stress.

Treats are also a great motivator for good behavior, and don’t forget a non-spill water bowl to keep your pet well hydrated.

Be sure to remember, if it’s summer; secure a source of direct airflow and keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t overheat.

golden retriever sitting in the back of a car with the trunk open


Traveling on an Airplane

Although you won’t have as much direct control over your pet’s comfort during the flight, you can really help out your four-legged friends by considering smells. Avoid strong perfumes and keep them close to an item; their favorite toy, blanket, or treat that has a familiar smell will help to reassure them.

Aromatherapy can also help with the stress and anxiety of flight and travel. Special relaxation blends of essential oils are a great way to naturally calm down your pet.

If you are travelling with a cat, rub a Felway wipe on the inside of their carrier to keep them calm on the trip.

Give Time to Adjust to New Places

Once you've arrived at your destination be sure to spend time with your pet as they adjust to the new space.

If you’re staying at a hotel, check in and take your luggage to your room before bringing your pet in. This allows for your scent to settle in everywhere before your pet comes in making check-in less stressful for you and your pal.

Set up your pet’s sleeping area and food before they come into the room so you can immediately introduce them to their own safe and familiar place. When you bring them in, “tour the room” with your animal rather than letting them assume control and run wild.

woman in a tent with a dog by a lake

Enjoy the New Environment

Whether you’re traveling for business or on vacation, it’s easy to have a long itinerary list for your stay. Don’t forget to include your pet so they’re not all alone in your hotel room. If there are times that they need to stay behind, be sure to leave the TV on at low volume to help with any separation anxiety they may have.

If you can work from your hotel room or the lobby, it’s a good way to stay close to your pet. If you’ve brought your dog, take them for a walk or run instead of going to the hotel gym.

When there’s free time, look up some local parks or trails or talk to the front desk to get their favorite tips and go on an adventure together.

puppy in backpack worn by man


Keep Calm & Stay Positive

Planning, packing, and traveling can be stressful at times. Remember that your pet is highly attuned and very perceptive of your attitudes and if you're stressed they will respond in a similar way. Better planning before the trip will help alleviate some of that stress during the trip. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your furry pal will be.

Travelling with your pet is exciting, and they will enjoy themselves once they get into the groove of the trip. Enjoy the extra time you spend taking care of them while traveling, pets are great company and can make vacations just that much more memorable.

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