4 Top Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Rain And Snow

4 Top Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Rain And Snow

Taking a walk in the rain or snow can be a fun and enjoyable experience. However, not all dogs are particularly excited at the prospect of getting wet. Here are four ways to help you train your dog to be comfortable going out in wet weather, as well as helping you keep your car and house clean.

Train Them Young

Ideally, you want to expose your dog to wet weather conditions when she’s still very young. The younger a dog becomes familiar and comfortable with wet weather, the more likely she is to adapt to it and be happy walking in the rain or snow. Similarly, monitor your behavior and reactions to wet weather, as these will influence your dog’s reactions and enthusiasm.


man in brown jacket leaning down to kiss a pug in a blue snow coat

Start With Shorter Walks

Go for a shorter walk when it’s raining or if it’s been snowing. Over time you can gradually increase the length of walks so your dog will be more comfortable. This can be a particularly effective strategy if you’ve adopted an older dog who is very resistant to rainy walks.

“If you have an older dog, try taking him outside in wet weather only to relieve himself to begin with. Gradually start taking him for very short walks in the rain or snow, extending the length over time so he can get accustomed to it and become more comfortable each time. Be sure to dry him as soon as you get in to help him understand that the feeling of being wet is only temporary,” suggests Carolyn Gardner, a pet blogger at Writinity.

Invest In Rain and Snow Gear

It’s a good idea to take your dog with you to the store when you’re choosing their rain or snow gear. That way, you can see whether or not they will even accept the gear in the first place, as well as assess how comfortable they seem to be in it.

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Raincoats are a popular option and particularly useful for snowy conditions too, as they help to keep your dog warm and more comfortable. Depending on your dog’s breed, they will have a different tolerance to snow, so make sure that you pick one that’s easy to put on and take off. It’s also a good idea to choose one that has reflective strips to ensure they can be seen, especially if you go for regular walks in the dark.

“It’s really important to ensure you have adequate foot and paw protection for your dog, especially if you’re going to be going for walks in the snow. Dog boots are particularly popular as they protect your dog’s feet and help to prevent injury and slips. Paw wax is another good option as it helps protect your dog’s paw pads, which is especially important when walking on salt, as well as snow and ice. It’s also useful for preventing frostbite,” says Chad Lee, a journalist at Research papers UK.

Keep Your House Clean And Dry

If you’ve been walking in the rain or snow, chances are you’ll be returning home with a potentially muddy, wet and cold dog. Make sure you have a dry towel and wet cloth ready at the door for your return. That way, you’ll be able to wipe down your dog’s paws and legs. It’s also useful for ensuring that you remove all snow that may have been caught in your dog’s fur, so as to avoid it irritating your dog’s skin. You can also quickly dry and warm them, so they’ll be more comfortable going out in the rain or snow next time. If you have a car, consider investing in a dog seat covering as these will help keep your car clean and dry, as well as being machine washable. 

dog and human purple rainboots very muddy


Taking your dog out for a walk is a great way for the two of you to bond. Walks in the rain and snow require gradual exposure and preparation. Make sure that you have appropriate doggy gear that’s comfortable for your dog and ensure you dry her as soon as possible when you return home. With enough training, wet weather walks can be just as much fun as walks in any other type of weather!


This Article is a guest post by Ashley Halsey, a professional writer  at Assignment help. Ashley is a mother of two children who can often be found at the local park playing or running with their Labrador.

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