What is a GPS Cat Tracker? And Why Does Your Kitty Need One?

What is a GPS Cat Tracker? And Why Does Your Kitty Need One?

New Smart Cat Collar

A few years ago our cat disappeared for nearly two weeks. We stapled posters on phone poles for several blocks, showed her picture to our neighbors, called out to her for days… all to no avail. Then one afternoon, she just reappeared, waiting calmly for us as we pulled the car into the driveway. After snatching her up into my arms and crying, which my kids still tease me about to this day, I looked her over to find she was no worse for the wear. During the time she was gone, I imagined all manner of things that could have gone wrong, from getting herself locked in a basement to becoming the meal of a predator.

Tabby cat with sea foam eyes by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Like nearly 60% of cat owners whose furry friends make it home, she simply returned on her own. According to a National Institutes of Health survey, over 25% of lost cats don’t make it home. Which means that over 3 million beloved kitties never get back into their owners’ arms.

GPS Cat Trackers

Keeping track of a cat’s whereabouts is only one part of the complex world of caring for them. If the four people in our household were rated on how well we manage our cats, there would be a lot of finger pointing for why we ranked so low. We truly have no idea when the last flea/tick medicine was applied, grumbling every time one of the cats wakes us up at 3am with their incessant scratching.

And every morning we frantically text each other to find out if the cats have been fed as we rush out the door to school and work. Sometimes, a feeding answer is not received until later in the day, making the cats the happy recipients of a second breakfast. Sound familiar?

White Siamese cat with sky blue eyes wearing Scollar Mini smart collar

With so much technology available these days in the form of apps and wearables, it must be time for a smart cat collar to help people get a handle on the care of their furry family members. Right?

Smart cat collar? What, exactly, is a smart cat collar?

Similar to a human wearable, a smart cat collar would give you vital information to help you take care of your feline family member. It would help you track your cat if you cannot find her, so you can bring her home that day. It would remind you about her regular routines. It would be able to open that cat door for you, monitor kitty’s vital signs, make her visible at night, and know where the collar is when the breakaway latch is activated. It would ideally be part of a larger ecosystem that helps you give her the best care possible.  

If all that lived in one collar, that would be a truly smart cat collar.

Lounging tabby cat with human rubbing chin

Some people might confuse a smart cat collar with the older style of electronic collars. Electronic collars are usually reserved for dogs because they have big prongs that poke the neck of the animal, delivering a jolt if they do something you don’t like. There are electronic collars for cats too, although vets and trainers advise against them because they can actually stress out cats and cause them to engage in more of the behavior you are trying to curb with the electronic collar in the first place.

A smart cat collar, on the other hand, is designed to help you care for your cat in a variety of ways, training among them.

So, why does your cat need a smart cat collar? The Humane Society reports that about 36 million pet cats in the U.S. are indoor/outdoor cats. And researchers at the University of South Australia, through their innovative Cat Tracker program, have learned that most cats stay within 200 meters (about 7 blocks) of their home turf. A smart cat collar with GPS tracker would help keep track of your furry friends, ensuring they make it home every day.

The app connected to the collar would actually show you on a map where you kitty is currently roaming or sleeping. A smart cat collar would mean the flea/tick medication gets applied regularly, so fleas don’t torment kitty, or his owners. A truly smart collar would actually let you know a flea outbreak is coming, suggest the right flea medicine and then deliver it to your door before the fleas arrive!

Guess what... Scollar has a flea/tick risk engine that does just that. 

White and grey tabby cat under a pink blanket

As cats age, they become susceptible to diseases of the heart, kidney, teeth, and can get arthritis and cancer. A smart cat collar would keep track of a cat’s vital signs, giving owners early warning of potential problems. And if you have to give your kitty medicine, a smart cat collar would help you be sure she is getting the right doses when she needs them.

So, why does your cat need a smart collar? Because it will make caring for your cat easier, so you can spend more time snuggling and less time worrying.

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