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Your Guide To Pets And Holiday Table Scraps

Your Guide To Pets And Holiday Table Scraps

This time of year calls for cozy nights at home, home-cooked meals and lots of time spent around the dinner table. And of course, as a pet parent, you probably want to include your dog in this rituals of the season. No shame in tossing Fido a pancake here and there, right? Or play a game of drop the dinner roll? While this seems innocent and harmless, table foods can play a roller coaster game with your pooch's tummy. In general (and boy, we hate to say it) table food isn't a good idea for your dog. It's rich. It's fatty. And it's all just a bit over the top to be a good thing.


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The Downsides Of Table Food

Okay, so now you know table food isn't the best idea, but why? Table foods can cause all sorts of unpleasantries such as diarrhea and vomit. No fun. The more concerning thing about it is that there are many types of table food that can do a lot of damage to your dog. And beware: certain foods are downright toxic for your pets.

Beyond the health risks, regularly feeding your dog table food may do harm to his habits. He's going to want that burger! He's going to want that bagel! He'll stand by for yummy eats every darn night. At this point, you're changing his habits and creating expectations. Ones that you may not appreciate as time goes by as the cute factor wears off.


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If You Just Can't Resist Giving Table Scraps . . .

If you absolutely just can't resist, or if you have that one dinner guest who refuses to listen, then try to follow a few basic rules.
  • Keep it simple. No cake. No chips. No candy. No fried food. Use common sense and think about what is obviously not going to go well.
  • Keep it light. It's all in moderation. Look at the big picture if your dog gets scraps at breakfast, does he really need his entire bowl of dog food, too? Try to balance it out so that you're not completely disrupting his daily calorie intake.
  • Keep it healthy. Educate yourself on what people foods you can add to your pet's regular diet. Check out our handy infographic below to learn the best and worst human foods for dogs and cats. 
  • Keep it balanced. If you feed your pet a kibble diet, consider adding freeze dried raw toppers to their diet as a special treat that keeps their daily caloric and nutrition intake balanced. 

People Food for Pets

Just to be super safe, we compiled a list of people foods that are safe for dogs AND cats to eat. You can even click on the infographic and save it to your device.  Yay!

Infographic for adding people food to your dog or cat's diet at Scollar.com

Give Your Dog Homemade

Homemade food for dogs, that is. There are numerous recipes out there that are nutritious and created with your dog's health in mind. These recipes are simple to make, use just few ingredients and are rich in protein. Hmmm, turkey and veggies? Beef crockpot? Salmon? Yes, please!

Check out a few delish meal ideas here. Pet parents, keep these tips in mind as you look across the table tonight and see those brown, fur-framed eyes looking back at you. Try to resist that sad, pleading look and instead opt for the healthy road. Your dog's stomach will thank you.


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