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Grandma Lucy’s® Macanna™ Freeze Dried Grain Free Salmon Recipe Dog Food 1 Lbs

Grandma Lucy’s Macanna Salmon Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

Customer Reviews

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Anna Abel

My dog absolutely loves this food! Dog stamp of approval


I mainly use as a meal topper for dry food and it makes a good gravy plus my Boston loves it without upsetting his sensitive tummy and my sensitive nose. A little pricey but as a topper for a small dog, it’s worth it.

Katherine W

They love it! Great supplement for when they get bored of dry food.

Sarah K.

After years of trying a variety of kibbles, I had written my dog off as having a sensitive stomach, but after hearing about raw food for dogs I started looking into it. At first the price per pound of every raw food was shocking but then I realized since the water is taken out in the freeze drying process and you have to add it back in (very easy), you actually end up with about 5 lbs of food for every 1 lb you buy, so the price comes out to about ~$2.6 per pound which is about a dollar more expensive than the old kibble I was buying but less expensive than all the other raw food brands and worth it for my dog's health (longer and better quality life and less medical bills!). The food has a very short ingredient list, just salmon (wild caught), pinto beans, hempseeds, coconut, pumpkin, kale, blueberries, turmeric and vitamins, all human-grade! It is like food that I would make myself for him if I was a better mom and had more time, or like food I would pay $100 a month for from a fancy startup, instead it is almost the same price and convenience as the kibble I was using! Immediately after switching to this food my dog's poop (for me a strong indicator of his health and the health of his diet) went from light colored and mushy (the kind thats very difficult to pickup) to firm, brown and long. He also LOVES it. He is a bulldog he loves to eat but never before now have I seen him push the bowl towards me to ask for more and keep going back to lick the bowl again after having licked it clean. The food is also very convenient for me. Because it is freeze-dried it weighs so much less and takes up so much less space than traditional kibble, the bag is resealable, and all you have to do is add water. Somebody left a review saying the food looked like watery soup. This person just didn't follow the instructions. After adding the appropriate amount of hot water the food looks like soup but you are supposed to wait 5 minutes for it to rehydrate and then it is like a meaty st.

Human Person

We got a huge number of free samples at a recent fair, and our dog absolutely loved this particular one, so I decided to get a big bag. We don't use it the recommended way, but rather mix a few teaspoons in with packets of wet food. Should last a good long while.

Josefina Ramirez

Excellent quality food. I read the other reviews and they probably did not use hot water and probably too much water. Start with less and add as necessary. Let us sit and then I mix with some boiled chicken or canned salmon. It’s excellent. My dogs are very finicky (shitzhu and yorkie) and they love it. Travels well because you can just add hot water in any hotel. Love all their products.

Camille Rose

My Yorkie has food allergies and it has been very difficult to find a food that she can tolerate. She has been on this food for 6 months and has been doing great. She is also maintaining a good weight with this food.


I really wanted to love this product, but no. The direction wasn't accurate and it was so watery like soup and my two dogs wouldn't even go near it. Maybe I need to shake the bag to mix it up before scooping, but I've tried to feed this to them several times and they were like "Mom, you eat this!"


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