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Grandma Lucy’s® Pureformance™ Freeze Dried Grain Free Rabbit Recipe Dog Food 3 Lbs

Chickpeas are full of flavor with naturally occurring dietary fiber, folic acid, and protein. This encourages a slow energy release to help maintain a consistent energy level. At Grandma Lucy's we use the finest USDA Inspected and Approved ingredients from trusted suppliers around the world. 87% of our ingredients are sourced domestically and we take great pride in supporting local restaurant suppliers in California. Our high standards and expectations will give you confidence that you are getting the best quality ingredients and products offered. To learn more about Grandma Lucy's ingredient sourcing click our ingredients map. Pureformance™ Pet Food is a whole new approach to freeze-dried pet food. Our delicious selection of unique proteins such as Chicken, Lamb, Rabbit, Goat, and Fish are accompanied by highly nutritious chickpeas, fruits and vegetables. Chickpeas are a superior source of fiber with an extremely low glycemic index. They release energy into the body slowly helping to maintain consistent energy levels. Grandma Lucy's Pureformance™ uses simple ingredients to bring your pet the best simple nutrition. Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance Rabbit Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

Customer Reviews

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jon g

The product was received on time and in excellent condition. I am very happy with the purchase and would buy again.


I've been feeding Grandma Lucy's as part of my dog's rotational meal plan for almost 5 years! We love Grandma Lucy's, their ethics, and their high quality products. I appreciate all the varieties of novel proteins, such as this one as its not commonly available. Priced out per pound, it is one of the most affordable options as well. My dog truly enjoys this formula, it looks and smells great (my husband has even almost eaten it for dinner...good thing it was in a dog food bowl!!). I also enjoy the health benefits. My 25 pound mixed breed girl (spayed) has been remarkably healthy and Grandma Lucy's has always been a part of her diet. She's never required a dental cleaning, and no vet ever believes her age due to her sparkly clean teeth. I attribute this partially to the high quality food! One tip for serving this though is that I actually rehydrate it about 4-6 hours before serving it and then refrigerate it until meal time. This allows the food to fully moisten and expand, which I believe helps with digestion.

Maria Francis

Dog loves this food! It does come with some pretty big chunks of meat that really need to be soaked before eating. WOuld buy again to mix with another food.


My dog loves it!!!

Melinda Hughes

Great freeze dried food. This 3 lb bag last my two 25 lb dogs a month (fed once a day). One is extremely picky eater but will eat this. Easily digested, improved coat and is great for traveling. Bag is light weight. Pour half of what you normally feed and add twice as much warm water. Let sit for 3 --5 minutes and feed. You can also mix ahead and keep in fridge for a couple of days.

Buz Peoples

Love this product...


This is the second bag of food my 1yr old puppy has eaten. I've done a ton of research on dog food and want to make sure I am feeding my dog the best food she can get that has never had a recall. This food is what I decided to switch to and use as part of her food rotation. My puppy is a picky eater and I had tried to feed her other great foods like Orijen and Acana but she did not want to eat them. This food is great and she'll eat it without any fuss. I am truely satisfied and will continue to purchase this food and try the other proteins by this manufacturer.

Loo Shuangshuang

is our 1st try out with this food, my doggy is kind of relactant to give a try but later she really enjoy it. no sign of allergy.

Susan L. Ream

One of my dogs has food allergies. This dog food is very clean and natural. My dogs love it. I love the ease of preparation. The price is also very good compared to other freeze-dried dog food on the market. I will continue to purchase this product.


My dog loves it! It smells great, easy to make. This is my second bag of food. Will purchase again.


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