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Instinct® Raw Boost® Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze Dried Cat Food 5 Lbs

High animal-protein, grain-free, boosted nutrition with bites of freeze-dried raw meat, Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken is a better way to feed kibble. Unlock your cat’s potential to thrive and put more of the pure, real nutrition of raw into every bowl.

Customer Reviews

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Colby, our rather large solid black cat, loves this. HOWEVER! Standing in front of the sink, two feet away from the bowl of this, it stinks! The smell is so "fishy" smelling and it permeates the room. Sorry, although top quality and value, I am changing foods as I cannot relocate the bowl out of his/my habits just to get rid of the smell! The other three kitties will eat this food only in an "emergency" hunger when their wet food plate(s) are empty! So I am not sure if YOUR cat will really like this food. Seventy-five percent of my cats say, "No!"

Meredith A. Marin

My latest cat came to me two months ago when a friend had to move suddenly, I was sans kitty and missing having one (Yay!) He had been eating Iams Adult hairball formula. He was small for his age, yacked up stuff a lot, and was an eating, drinking, peeing and pooping machine. Since he started on this food, he doesn’t act perma-parched, or starving, his litter box gets destroyed at a reasonable rate, he’s yacked once, and his coat is exponentially more shiny than it was. I was concerned about the price for the bag size, but he doesn’t seem to need as much. He’s got lots of energy, he’s hydrated, his poop looks good, and that coat, though... He’s still a shrimp, but that’s not a problem for either of us. Thanks from us, Instinct!


This has a decent nutrition content for ferrets as far as kibbles though. A lot of ferrets get sick on wysong bc it's so rich. Mixing this with 2 other kibbles so the ferrets don't get sick if the recipe suddenly changes is a good idea. I love that there are raw pieces in it. My ferrets really enjoy it and my dog steals it any chance he gets. You can buy the freeze dried raw bits separately in a little bag and my pets love it as a treat. Alfie hoardes the raw pieces if he can and I'll find him munching on them in his hiding places

Kayla Peacock

We have 3 cats: 1 that thinks he is a dog (will eat anything and everything), 1 that is very picky (only eats dry food, and only specific brands at that) and 1 that has Kitty Crohn's so his tummy is very sensitive. This food makes all 3 of them very happy; it is GREAT for their fur (their coats are smoother and they shed less); and it doesn't make any of them sick. The only downfall? Our cat-dog hybrid LOVES the raw pieces so he makes a mess scooping around the kibbles to get to his favorite pieces.

Daisy V

My cat loves this food. I like the convenience of having it come to my front door. Great ingredients!


I rescued a cat who was caught and thought to be feral, so I don't think he's a picky eater. But I did a lot of research into the nutritional content of the dry and wet foods out there before purchasing anything (his foster had him on Purina One). I did mix this in with his previous food to transition him into it, but even now that it's his only dry food, this cat still absolutely loves it. I can even use the kibbles as training treats between meals.


My cat LOVES it; & she loves the raw boost chicken bits & I like that it is healthier then most brands...


After treating my cat with medication for hyperthyroidism for the past couple years with no improvement of symptoms, I decided to see if there was anything dietary that could be done to help him gain weight and reduce diarrhea. This food has done both! Within the first few days I noticed that his stool was indistinguishable from our younger cat's. It's now been a couple months and he's definitely gaining weight. I don't have exactly numbers yet (can update after the next appointment), but the feeling of bones along his spine has reduced significantly and he feels heavier when I pick him up. There has also been a marked reduction in the frequency of stomach upset/vomiting. This poor guy has had a rough go of it since developing hyperthyroidism and has had a couple close calls, so these small improvements over the past couple months have been huge!

Max Kans

Great for ferrets too. Mine loves this food, it was suggested by my vet. As everyone may know, ferrets tend to be a little smelly, this helps control the smell. I feed her once a day and she is getting bigger and putting on a little weight. Since she is strictly carnivore, its hard to find a good food but this has everything she needs.


While I'd like to feed my cats an all-wet-food diet, that just isn't plausible, as they start prowling around my bed at 3am even if I've fed them at midnight. I used to buy cheaper grain-free dry food to keep in their bowls as their early morning snack, but their coats became dull and their bellies bloated if they ate more than one serving every day or two. I decided to spring for this more expensive food (I buy this brand of wet food), and I'm happy to say that both cats love it. They get two servings of wet food a day (which one will beg for) and I leave this dry food available (mostly for the other one), and I haven't noticed bloating or a huge change in coat silkiness. I suspect that one of the cats eat all the raw pieces because the other isn't great with large chunks, but that isn't a problem. Both the kibble and raw pieces get eaten eventually. Worth the extra money!!


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