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Advantage® Yard & Premise Spray for Cat & Dog 32 Oz

Kills insects, fleas and ticks on contact around the perimeter of your home, and on your deck and patio. Fleas may live in your yard in shady areas, under trees and bushes, along fence lines, and other areas they may be deposited by wildlife such as possums and stray animals. Help to prevent flea infestations in your home by treating the areas outside your home where fleas may live.

Customer Reviews

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Casondra B

this works. we had a BAD flea infestation in our backyard and we used this and the Black Flag brand of this type of spray (the kind that attaches to the hose). We have a big backyard and 3 bottles of this over 2 days resolved the issue. we did have to spray the concrete in our backyard b/c once we sprayed the grass, the fleas migrated to the concrete.anyway, it's been several weeks and we haven't seen any fleas since.

Tuan Duy Nguyen

I mean so far it works. Then again I’ll make an update in a week or so.Its been about half a month and i haven’t seen a single flea.

Siddharth Singh

This is a good product . Helped with getting rid of the fleas in my backyard


Quickly eradicated a flea problem in my yard due to stray cats. My dogs are happy now.


This worked really well on the fleas in my front yard. I had treated my home & dog and yet every time id go out in the front yard to water my flowers, fleas would be jumping all over my legs. I tried Ortho and some other natural remedies and nothing was working. I was desperate! I read some positive reviews on this product so I ordered it. I can’t believe it actually worked! Sprayed the entire lawn and garden on day one, then hit the garden and shrubs again on day 2. Very happy with this product.


I have had a huge tick problem in my yard for years until I used this product. Guys give it a chance, it was a huge saver for my dog and my yard. Here’s my little story. I live right next to a huge golf course that has several rodents (birds, possums, rabbits, skunks, cats etc) and they do not spray their land. My poor dog had been suffering from ticks for weeks. I took her to get prescription medicated baths and tick medication but it was not enough and I was getting desperate. Her vet recommended this brand of spray to use in the early morning or evening. I had been using natural remedies and natural sprays to kill ticks in the yard but never had real progress. I used this and saw instant results. Dead ticks everywhere I walked. Of course there were still a few walking around but people, ticks live in the dirt and grass you can’t kill them all the first time. I sprayed my yard on a weekly basis and it took me one month to be tick free. I no longer have to spray or have any more tick problems. My dog is living her best life and will be getting off tick medication finally. Best time to spray is early morning or evening when the sun isn’t beating down because then the solution evaporates too fast. I kept my dog out of the yard for the day when I’d spray.


I can't speak to how well this works on fleas, but I can tell you it works for ticks.Last September, after losing a second cat in five years to Bobcat Fever, we went to war. What you need to understand about this is that ticks can ride in on your clothes and attach themselves to your cats.We use topicals to prevent fleas and ticks, and we keep our cats inside, but obviously none of them are foolproof. I bought this primarily to kill ticks in our fenced in yard where the dogs play and the area around my swing and near my garden.It does the job. When I started finding ticks on myself after coming in from the garden this spring, my husband treated the same areas with the same results. I haven't seen a tick since.We will use this again.

Brandy Berkoz

Amazing, this stuff was magic. So easy to use and could not believe how well it worked!

Lesa Perrault

Good product. Kills fleas. We don't have a problem with ticks so I don't have any experience with that. Because it's made by advantage I feel like it's a little safer for our dogs then some of the other yard sprays




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