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Advantage® Flea & Tick Treatment Dog Spray 8 Oz

A treatment spray for use on dogs older than 6 months. Kills fleas and ticks on contact and stops the flea life cycle by killing adult fleas, hatching fleas and flea eggs for 100 days before they grow up to bite. Also kills and controls lice.

Customer Reviews

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Kari W.

Had the worst outbreak of fleas this year. Was trying EVERYTHING, I had monthly flea medication on my dogs started to get my yard sprayed and STILL those buggers were everywhere. I bought this stuff and added it to my pups as well as everything else I was doing I saw a decline rapidly. I keep this in hand and spray on carpet and couches too. It’s wonderful.


Does the job, not a great scent, lasts a while

freda romo

This is good stuff

Jake Altes

The scent is really strong, a little much for my allergies.


Very effective. The strong smell deterred me at first but once used it did an excellent job.


Great for the price

Teenie Weenies

I swear by Advantage flea spray! It works fast, you can spray it in any direction, and fleas are gone! I spray it lightly on my dog, rub it in with my hands, and then we go outside for a walk to let any spray smells dissipate. It doesn't make my dog go crazy because the fleas are killed, not biting for their lives. It leaves no lasting bad smell, no discomfort on my dog, and keeps him flea-free for a long bit. I have tried many of the less harmful natural products and quite frankly, they don't work well, and I want results, so I end up always back to the product that works, and works quick and I'm done! This can will last me at a long long time too. One of my dogs, I have 3, is allergic to fleas and and this works great for him as well! Advantage is my go to product! I favor this over Frontline. I've done the flea drops on both and prefer Advantage, but more so I prefer this spray. Its the only thing I have found that works 100%. If your tired of playing around and want results, buy Advantage Flea Spray. You won't be disappointed!


Stumbled upon this product last summer, seemed to work. For sure this product is doing its job & keeping the bugs off my dog this. Very pleased!

Joe N

Seemed to work well. Ran out of tick spray going to make rounds on the property and borrowed my dogs'... Came back with 1 tick on my pants. Usually I have 13+ and only had the one. That's what sold me


Great product.


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