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Kong® Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher

KONG Naturals Cat Scratchers satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instincts by encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. Environmentally friendly cat scratchers are made with renewable resources and are recyclable. Scratch pads are reversible for extended use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
julie maxner
Cat's love.

My cats are very happy.

sandy olczak
My Cats Love These

and I love that they are two sided so I can get longer life out of them...I have 4 cats.

Rabid Mongoose

I adopted an elderly, arthritic cat last year. She was overweight, had a hard time jumping up on the bed, and wasn't interested in scratching on her carpeted scratching tree. I bought this scratch box for her, and she loved it. She scratches 20-40 times a day, 30-90 seconds at a time. I turned over the cardboard after she'd scratched up one side. I then had to buy a replacement cardboard insert. I'm getting ready to order a third replacement.Divi has lost almost 2 pounds, and her shoulders have become very muscular. She jumps on the bed with ease. She doesn't really enjoy playing with other toys, like things she can chase (except for the laser pointer). The scratching box is her primary source of enjoyment. She really loves it.I've been in contact with a cat behavioralist in the year I've had Divi (she has a biting problem, in addition to other behavioral issues). I explained to her that I've noticed that when Divi has an excess of energy -- whether she's angry or excited -- she runs to the scratch box and vigorously scratches. The behavioralist says what while scratching is important to all cats, that some cats use it as a stress reliever. I'm glad I found this scratching option. She doesn't like to scratch her tree, but she loves this Kong box.

Zachary P Goldman

Good stuff

Charlene wyatt

Only one my cat will use!

John Lengyel

Cats love it


This is a replacement piece. It fits nicely in the original holder. Cat still likes it

Little Duggies

I like that it can be flipped over and reused. Pacino and Cherokee really use them all the time. I keep 4 or 5 in the house.


My cat shreds these things in 2 weeks but better it than furniture! Love them!


I used it as a refill for my Kong incline scratcher. Like all cardboard scratchers that I have tried this one leaves a mess of cardboard bits, but that's to be expected :-)


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