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Animal Essentials® Tinkle Tonic Herbal Formula for Cat & Dog 1 Oz

Tinkle Tonic is an herbal tincture that is specially formulated to support a healthy urinary tract in cats and dogs. Tinkle Tonic was originally developed in 1996 for veterinarians who asked us to formulate a natural remedy that can be used as part of a holistic approach against feline urinary issues. Today it has become our most popular tincture formula, used in both dogs and cats to support urinary tract health and promote comfort during urination. Click on the highlighted links below to learn more about each of the amazing herbs contained in this time-honored formula.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Melissa P.

Fixes dogs/ cats uti, best to place in wet pet food


This product really seems to help. My cat is doing much better.


Very happy with this product. I give it to my 10 yr old cat in a syringe along with Urinary Free the Flow and after a week my cat is no longer straining. She goes less frequently and has bigger pees


Great Product. Tinkle Tonic has helped my 7-year-old kitty through several bouts of urinary problems.


I have a cat that had a urinary blockage about 3 years ago. Since then I have switched both my male cats to an almost exclusive canned food diet to help keep them hydrated and to promote a healthy urinary tract. I scoop the box daily, and sometimes I'll notice over time that there's less urine in the litterbox, so I'll use Tinkle Tonic for a few days and almost immediately there is a noticeable difference in the amount of urine in the litterbox (there's a lot more)! I highly recommend using this product along with regular vet checkups and having a urinalysis ran regularly (more often if your pet has a history of urinary issues).

Ramona L

Helped give just a little extra comfort to my Sheltie who had an incurable bladder cancer. We gave this to him at 3 years old after surgery to remove bladder stones then again at10 years old when diagnosed with cancer. He liked the taste and we noticed he seemed a little more comfortable with less urgency to "go". This combined with pain medicines and some antibiotics under the care of our veterinarian made his last days as comfortable as possible.


These drops have exceeded my expectations. My kitty was getting UTI’S from stress. After the second infection and second trip to the vet, I looked for an alternative solution. Yes, these drops ARE the solution. No more UTI’s since I started her on Tinkle Tonic 5 months ago. I just put 1/2 dropper of tonic onto her wet food once a day. I can buy a lot of Tinkle Tonic for the cost of 2 vet visits, 2 urinalysis, a rx meds.

C. Sanchelli

One cat loves it, one doesn't care but will take some if you really try to get him interested in it.

Kimberly Spigarelli

My senior dog has issues with leaky urine when laying down. Tried all kinds of prescriptions but nothing worked. A sales lady at a pet store recommended this to me and to my surprise it worked! She sometimes will leak a little bit here and there but it’s changed so much! Now she can relax on furniture without fear of it being soaked with her urine.


This cured my cats urinary issue in only a couple days. I was noticing she wasn't staying as "clean" as normal, gave her this 2x a day and she was back to clean looking and smelling. This stuff works and I'll be giving it to her once a week for urinary maintenance now. Great product!!


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