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Blue Buffalo® Health Bars Baked with Pumpkin & Cinnamon Natural Dog Biscuits 16 Oz

Tasty and wholesome BLUE Health Bars with Pumpkin and Cinnamon have a crunchy texture your dog will love. Wholesome whole grains and nutritious fruit work together to help keep him healthy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
J. Ajakh

Idk what it is about these biscuits but by dog wants one every morning and then proceeds to walk around with it looking for a place to hide it. He doesn’t get around to eating it until later. He really really likes them and yes he does sometimes take them outside and dig a spot to hide them. Those are not allowed back in the home if he happens to remember where they are. Can’t say I’ve tasted these but the smell yummy. We have tried several flavors but there are his fave.


my dog loves these treats. they are a favorite. they are a great price, and i like blue buffalo as a brand. they are a really good size treat. almost too big for my dog as a treat. so i break them in half at times and give him the rest later. my dog pretty much eats most treats i give him. but he makes it clear which are the preferred treats. blue buffalo health bars pumpkin and cinnamon flavor are at the way way top for him. a big hit in our household!


One of my dogs has terrible allergies to most ingredients in dog food and treats. He can only eat vegetarian dog food, and Natural Balance does not make a vegetarian treat. I was pleased when I found these. They aren’t available locally for some reason so I have to buy them on here. He always asks for them and our other dog loves to too.


Got 4 dogs in the house. Everyone of them except the spoiled pitbull devours these. The pitbull just spits it out. This stuff arrived in a timely fashion, it was fresh, the treats sent too hard yet a bit on the soft dry side which made it easier for our small 14 year old dog to chew. They got a mild pumpkin smell to them as well. Bonus for me is the bag was bigger than I expected. I must have mis read the size. The price was extremely nice for the size because usually in the stores surrounding me this size bag of Blue Buffalo dog treats were 2-3x the price. All but one dog loves them and very nice price with good shipping time. I'll have no problem ordering this product again in the future.

Jenny O

nice size biscuit. i have a 14-pounder who isn't supposed to have extra calories (per vet) so i break them into pieces and give out sparingly. i guess they would be expensive otherwise, but this works for us and my dog really enjoys.

M R.

My dog lives for her nightly treat & comes to remind me! This biscuit is clearly so good that she drools while I’m getting it-which she’s NEVER done with other treats. It is free of chicken by-products(Which I’ve read are not good for most dogs) & chicken, which she’s allergic to. It’s healthy, crunchy & the ONLY chicken-free treat I could find online AND at the grocery, after an exhaustive search!


My girl loves these 4 star due to fact that they break and crumble very easily, but she will eat the small pieces, I just put them on a paper plate when I get to end of bag. She devours these. My girl is rather spoiled and has 6 different types of treats and there are specific cookies for specific things - her zukes glucosamine she gets when she comes in from getting paper in morning, has a holistic mint cookie she gets after she eats her breakfast or dinner, these, she wants one when Mommy gets up in the morning - don't try to give her something else, she'll ignore me or spit it out until I hand her the pumpkin cinnamon cookie from Blue - yup spoiled, but that's what our furbabies are for, to be loved and spoiled

Lana D

So watching my little Pomeranian/Papillon mix attempt to crunch up these giant biscuits was hilarious. She was trying to fit the whole biscuit into her mouth for like 5 minutes. They are pretty she couldn't bite through it. Eventually I broke it into a few pieces for her and she looked like the happiest dog on earth eating them. Every bite made a fun crunchy sound and she seemed to be loving the taste too because she didn't stop licking and sniffing the spot with all the leftover crumbs. She found every single crumb and then just sat down and stared at me with "I WANT ANOTHER ONE!!!" written all over her expression. I love seeing her this excited about a treat. She's spoiled so she rarely looks this delighted about food.Also, I usually have to use a napkin to give her a treat, because they all smell so gross and I don't like my fingers smelling like beef and salmon. But these treats smell like a cookie I would actually want to eat, and they made her breath smell like pumpkins.I only gave her one so far and rushed to review it afterwards, so I can't say anything about the effects it had on her digestive health, but so far she is happily running around the backyard with her toy. If nothing goes wrong, I will definitely make sure to keep stocking up on these. :)


I ordered these for my 15lb dachshund both because he loves pumpkin and because of the price. At my local grocery store or pet store this same bag of treats is nearly double the price. Because of the size of the treats I need to break them into quarters for my dog but he loves them. He starts doing tricks before I can even get the bag open! He is usually rather picky when it comes to biscuit treats so I was pleasantly surprised by his reaction to these. I gave an overall 4 stars for two reasons.One, they are very dry and brittle. Because of this, they can be rather messy if your dog is a messy eater especially if you give them a whole one.Two, because of how brittle they are, there were quite a few crunched up and broken down into crumbs that are a little too small to feed in the bottom of the bag.Despite these two things, I will definitely be ordering these again and trying my dog on the other flavors.

Erin R.

My picky little brat doesn’t get excited for them unless she has been deprived of jerky or similar treats for a few days. But, if I stick half of one of these on top of her kibble, she runs with it to her bed to gobble it down like a kid sneaking a cookie before dinner. Just for that look of happiness on her face when she finds this on her food and my entertainment watching this, I will continue to purchase these. Definitely a great value and quality ingredients. I’ve given friends and my family’s dogs these, they were much more excited than my spoiled treat monster.


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