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We made the kind of products we would trust on our own pets

We are uber geeks and pet fanatics. We can’t wait for our furry best friends to have their own Scollar smart collars. So we created the most amazing, quality, durable pet wearable ever. The Scollar pack is made up of industry veterans with distinctive points of view and strong opinions. It makes for a spirited collaboration. We would not have it any other way.

CEO / Founder

Lisa brings 25 years of strategic & financial planning, business development and leadership to the team. Co-founder of Green Building Studio. Writer & composer.  Pet fanatic.​ Avid traveler.

CTO / Founder

John is a licensed mechanical engineer and software developer. C0-founder & CEO of Green Building Studio. Creator of GBxml schema. Avid mountain biker. Works best to hard rock music.

Strategic Advisor/co-founder

Having grown several successful companies, Frumi brings a passion for creating ridiculously successful cultures, and executing carefully crafted strategies.  Voracious reader.  Walks thousands of miles with her dog, Enzo.

Director, Digital Marketing

Ethan has been designing & crafting beautiful web and mobile media for over 20 years. Inbound and behavioral marketing expert. Founder Raspberry Media. Brilliant photographer. Loves the outdoors.

VP Engineering

Herman has been creating electronic communications devices for over 30 years.  Architect and developer of Verizon Hum.  Creator of Casemate wearable. Sushi lover.

Director, Partner Programs

Brett brings over 17 years of sales leadership and partnership experience to the team. Built and sold his own company and ran partnerships for a tech start-up. Lover of good food and great conversation.

Marketing Manager

Alvin oversees marketing operations, research, and data analysis. He is highly organized and strives for excellence and continuous improvement. Food and nature enthusiast. World explorer. Childhood ambition: Astronaut.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Jeff brings over 20 years of consumer product design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to the team. Founder Markel enterprises. Private pilot. Avid athlete. All around cool guy.

Manager, E-Commerce

Jacob brings expertise in E-Commerce, Business Administration, and Marketing. He ensures the best experience for consumers and their fur-babies. Ardent athlete. Aspiring traveler.

Manager, Customer Success

Kayla brings years of experience in customer support to the Scollar Team, focusing on ensuring both customers and their furry families are delighted. Future dog mom. Likes Batman better than Superman.

Mood Manager

Momo is a cool cat and keeps things from getting too chaotic in the office. He tolerates our presence, for the most part, and loves any type of cat treat.

Quality Control

Enzo brings his discerning eye to the product building process, ensuring the products meets his high standards. Big time cookie fanatic.

Morale Officer

Zuko is our muse, our entertainment and our official mascot. He loves cheese, popcorn and will happily go home with pretty much anyone he meets.