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OurPets® Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Cat Dish 8 Oz

• Holds up to 0.75 cups of dry food
• Heavyweight, dishwasher-safe stainless steel dish
• Lower sides make it easy for cats to dine
• Patented bonded rubber bottom prevents slipping and sliding
• Durable and scratch-resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gretchen Ochsenschlager

This is a great product! I saw reviews where people were having trouble getting the sticker off of the inside of the bowl. All you need to do is get just a corner of it started and then take a blow hair dryer with good heat and blow into that corner and just keep it on there and slowly pull on that little corner and the whole sticker will come off in one quick piece!!!!!!!!!

Marguerite A. Pallen

My cat gobbled her food and then would regurgitate it. This dish has solved the problem. I just put a small amount of food at a time in the dish for the first feeding of the day. The evening feeding, I can just put the last fourth cup in the dish. Nala has not regurgitated food since I started using this dish. I just bought a second dish -- I like Nala to have a clean dish everyday.

Monique Y. Couturier

Great product. Just the right size for my cats. Received earlier than expected. I recommend this product to everyone.


The low brim of this stainless steel bowl prevents whisker fatigue in cats. This is where the cat has to hold its whiskers back to insert its nose into a deeper bowl. The bottom of the bowl has a non-skid coating that keeps it in place as you pet chows on its contents.

Laura Campbell

they also seem amused by seeing their faces reflected

Pam Bodenhamer

Found out about these on a “best cat items” list. My kittens love the wide diameter of the bowl. I love the ease of clean up.


I love this dish, I have several other brands, this one is really easy to clean, it's wide and it can handle multiple kittens eating out of it. After they get bigger it will still be wide enough to combat that whisker fatigue issue for one of them.

Florence Rink

They don't slide too. Great for cats who keep pushing their bowls when they eat!

Kathy Zechman

It is bigger than I thought. It is low enough for his whiskers.


The only thing I disliked about this product was getting the sticky label that was on the inside. Otherwise, it's easy to clean and dry quickly.


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