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PetSafe® Gentle Leader® No Pull Dog Head Collar Black Color Medium

If your pooch is an extrovert who gets a little too excited on walks, take control of the leash with the PetSafe® Gentle Leader® Headcollar. Created by a veterinary behaviorist over 30 years ago, this headcollar immediately, gently and safely helps you control unwanted leash behaviors like pulling, lunging, barking and jumping. A comfortable neoprene padded nose loop and collar puts pressure on the back of the neck instead of your dog’s throat, which prevents choking and coughing. Easily fit the headcollar on your furry friend in just a few minutes using the adjustable nose loop and neck strap with quick-snap. Our perfect-fit guarantee ensures the headcollar fits petite pups, giant pooches and all canine sizes in between. And, if your dog decides to turn the headcollar into a chew toy, we have a 1-year chew damage replacement policy for a minimal fee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Michael C Odell

I have a young energetic lab that likes to meet everyone and everything. This little tool makes him so much more manageable on a leash. The clip was a little hard to figure out, but once it is set and working, everything works fantastic!


Our pup would pull us up and down the road no matter what we tried. My 5 year old and I had the best walk thanks to the gentle lease


My puppy gets extremely excited when she sees a person or another dog and wants to run and jump on them. The gentle leader has really minimized this behavior. She still tries to lunge but she quickly realizes it’s not working.

C. Nelson

This is well made and I love the extra padding along the nose band.If you haven't used a Gentle Leader before, keep in mind the strap that clips around the head needs to be snug. Not loose like a collar. Don't worry, it won't choke your dog. Making it tight will keep it from sliding.The nose piece only needs to be snug enough to keep the dog from pawing or rubbing it of the nose.This should only be used when you're out walking or training, so don't try to leave It on all the time. It lets the dog know he/she has to behave and not pull.


This is the best product for strong dogs that aren’t good with pulling during walks.Our two year old adopted Pitt was terrible with walks since he had no experience. Once we had this he couldn’t pull and made the walks so much better!!


I’ve bought these head collars for several of my dogs & they keep the dog in your control without any pain to the animal. When you raise the leash the most the dog feels is slight pressure to the back of their head. It takes some getting used to for the dog, but if you have a dog that pulls it is a life saver & you can actually walk/train them!


My pitsky has pulled me since day one. Imagine 50 lbs of force dragging your ass down the street. All. The. Time. With training and different leashes, collars, harnesses... I could never have full control over her. Ever. She’s 6 now. I despised walking her.THIS makes me want to walk her. I LOVE it. 10/10 will recommend to anyone.Will update after a few months...


I have a very bad puller, she loves walks so much that we can't get to the things she wants to smell fast enough. After putting this collar on her, it makes walks such a breeze and so much less pressure for me, walking two dogs at once. I actually enjoyed the last walk I went on with the dogs, instead of feeling anxious and dragged.Every once and awhile she'll rub her face on the grass, cause she realizes something's on her face, but I just tug a bit and we're back off to smelling things she likes. I will never go back to a normal collar and having to walk in circles to "train the pull" out of an older dog who just wants to smell the roses!

Erina Streibich

I have tried everything for my dogs pulling behavior. I decided to try this after seeing it on TikTok and it actually works...my 50 lb staffy finally does not have to walk me (100 lbs) down the sidewalk anymore. I feel so much more in control of her and even if she does launch at someone the product does not allow her to feel comfortable while doing so, this is a great item.


Super product. It worked immediately. My dog was so much easier to handle and walking him is much more enjoyable. I have an 80# American Staffordshire Terrier mix and I use to tie the leash around my waist to walk him. Not any more, this is a great product.


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