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Sojos® Mix-a-Meal Original Recipe Pre-Mix Dog Food 2.5 Lbs

Just add water and the protein of your choice for fresh, well-rounded meals. In minutes the slumbering, shelf-stable ingredients spring back to life with the flavors, textures and abundant nutrition possible only with real, raw food. Sojos Pre-Mix recipes are made without genetically engineered ingredients, fillers, preservatives, or anything artificial. Just a short, sweet list of ingredients—all blended with meticulous care in Sojos’ Minnesota kitchens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Katherine W

Our guys love this!! Such a good supplement when they tire of plain dry food.

Double Shot Dopio

What can I say about a product that, time and again, has saved my dog's life. I soak a small amount in some water. Blend it until its quite smooth. Use a 'syringe' type device to insert mixture into my dog's jowl. (Never down the throat!!!) He will lick and swallow it. Truly doesn't seem to mind the taste. My dog then regains his appetite. He is healthy again. Alive, so I can pet him, hug him, play with him. What more can one ask for?


Love making my dog's food with sojos grainfree veggie/fruit meal balancer.Easy to do, you hydrate portion mix with water 15 mins & add cooked or uncooked ground beef, elk, turkey,chicken..I fed to my labs their entire lives, they both lived til 15 1/2 yrs old, & continue to feed to my bostons ages 16 & 7.Great product at good price, & quick delivery


My dog likes this with hamburger. Since switching to this, her fur has been healthier and her stools not as smelly.

William Kennedy

Dogs love it. The only complaint I have is that I have to squeeze through it with my hands after finding small stems (maybe apple stems) in it. Also some of the fillers in it do not get soft enough so I have to pick them out. Tried changing to a different grain free mix but dogs didn’t like them.

Sweet cats

My dog loves Sojos with sardines or a boiled egg. It is easy to mix a batch to use over the course of a few days. Great healthy alternative to dry "kibble" food.

Daniel Blom

Have been using this product for years. Keeps my dog healthy and regular. Very cost effective too


My dogs always love this stuff. As long as you are adding meat they are happy.

Amanda Frevele

My dogs love this not finding this in the store.I’m not sure where the safety of this product lies as far as where the ingredients come from though.

Kathleen Kadi

My dog is allergic to ingredients in most commercial food so this helps me to make food that he can eat without bad reactions.


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