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Ware™ Dog Gorilla Chews Medium

Gorilla Chews are an all natural wood chew for dogs, sustainably harvested and environmentally friendly. Natural dense and very hard wood makes a durable, long-lasting chew for dental and gum care. Does not bleed, stain or smell.

Customer Reviews

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tabitha sparks

My 8 month old golden retriever LOVES to chew on things and most chew toys dont last long or he loses interest. This is not the case with this chew toy. Its so durable that he hasnt broken off any pieces and its been weeks. It actually smells good and he loves to chew on it. So glad i got this. It will last forever and my dog lives it.

Terrie S.

So I was super skeptical about buying..... a piece of wood.I mean, why can't I just grab a chunk off of the split wood we already have? Let me tell ya, it's sooo not the same. I bought the small size. We have two English Bulldogs and a Heeler puppy (think Velociraptor) that love to chew. This small 'piece of wood' is really lasting!!! I was so hesitant to spend ANY money on- again 'a piece of wood'.. but whatever type of Christmas miracle wood this is... it's definitely holding up well. Might seem pricey up front, but if it keeps your furry monsters occupied and happy, WORTH IT! (Think: they are busy = you have free time to play on your phone!) It doesn't splinter or anything, which I was initially worried about. They just kind of gnaw on it. We usually give them deer or moose shed pieces, because they can be a bit rough on regular toys. Pleasantly surprised this little guy lived up to the hype!!


I bought this because my daughter said it was the only chew toy that her husky didn’t destroy. It was his favorite and he was still chewing for nearly a year. I was hesitant to spend $17 for what look to me as a regular old log, however, it was definitely worth every penny! My dog destroyed everything in a matter of seconds. This has lasted him for months. He chews on it every day and it’s gotten much smaller, but still has lots of life left. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting something to keep your dog busy for a little while.


It's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's log, log, it's better than bad, it's good. Everyone wants a log, you're gonna love a log. Come on and get your log. Everyone needs a log, wants a log, love it log.

Amy Foster

We are 1.5 months in and the big guy has barely made a dent!

Brenda Jencks

The dogs love this bone! It does have a smell when damp from chewing but it seems to be less as they work on it. One of our dogs rarely chews on bones and she loves this one, will need to get a second one.

Andrea K.

Came in with rounded edges making olive hard for my medium sized dog to get a mouth grip. Will have to cut it so she can get started.

Sage Adventuring

At first, there was a nub and within a few minutes, it had broken off and my husky’s gums started to bleed. But then I broke off that piece and sanded it down and it’s been really helpful.


I had hoped that this would be a good, more natural way to help my dogs boredom. I realize it's wood but I had thought it would not really splinter or allow him to break off pieces. Tonight was the first night he'd shown interest and I had to take away from all the coughing/hacking sounds he was making. It gives off quite an odor when wet as well. Smelled like stale horse manure. I think I would have put up with the smell if it hadn't been so easy for him to shred pieces off of it. A bit of a disappointment for the heavy chewers.


My pup (17 weeks) has had the Gorilla chew for 6 weeks now and he absolutely loves it. However big chunks do come off (largest 1.5 inch) so I need to constantly keep an eye on him when he’s chewing.


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