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Wellness® Core® Six Free-Range Lamb & Chickpeas Recipe Grain Free Dog Food 12 Lbs

Crafted with just SIX main ingredient sources, CORE SIX is a clean, limited-ingredient, high-protein diet that delivers the balanced nutrition your dog needs to thrive from the core. Each recipe contains only one thoughtfully-sourced animal protein and a short list of hardworking, powerful, non-GMO ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
J Scott

One of my dogs developed a weird skin allergy at 6 years old. We took her to the vet, restricted her diet, and her skin got better. Then within six months it started up and got so much worse. In the middle of night I got up to check her, and her scratching got so bad we had to race her to the vet. The vet suggested a restricted diet again with prescription food. She let me try one more time with a limited ingredient food. I had a heck of a time reading all of labels at the store before I settled on the duck version. Penny LOVES it!!! Her skin cleared right up and coat is so plush now. It was soft before, but now it is luxurious. Definitely getting this one from now on.

Deborah Buchanan

My 15 year old dog has allergies to anything with high starch content especially corn and potatoes. This food is wonderful. Both of my dogs love it and I feel good feeding it to them. I have struggled for years to find a food that will not cause her to loose hair and suffer with ear infections. I highly recommend this to pet parents trying different foods to satisfy the needs and taste buds of their dogs.

Mama Jo

So this was a five star product for my labrador. She loved it and I had to watch that she didn't eat it to fast. Who knew? I thought this would one they would pick at but she loved it. Great product list. No fillers. Which is awesome because her poop stays smaller and harder which is so much easier for clean up.High quality dog food is a must for your dog. That is all I will preach but you can see the difference in her hair, the sheen on her coat. I gave this five stars because I was happy with the ingredients and my dogs love of the food itself.

Linda W. Collins

My dog is allergic to most proteins. This duck dog food has been a blessing for him.


My dogs loved this dog food and easily ate it. It did not cause them to have upset stomachs when we switched their food and one of my dogs is really sensitive . I would highly recommend it.


I am always searching for dog food that is healthy to provide a change in my dog’s diets. Wellness Core Natural did not cause any gastrointestinal upset when I fed it to them. Most foods need to be introduced slowly to prevent this. They were happy with the flavor. Another selling point is that when they went to the bathroom outside it produced stools that were easy to pick up. That means a lot when you have several dogs to clean up after!

Meijer Bjorn

Wellness Dog food is high quality. Our dog enjoys both the duck and lamb flavors. Our dogs coat looks good and stools are solid. You are getting a high quality dog food for the cost. I would recommend Wellness brand dog food.

Hermogenes Negron

Thanks for that one ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


We decided to use this food as treats rather than transition to it. My dog LOVES this stuff. The puzzle feeder we'd been trying to teach her suddenly was her favorite thing when we put this food in it.The ingredients seem high quality and it doesn't have a weird smell.


My boxer has skin allergies. This food has really helped. Only 1 issue, it makes her have a lot of gas.


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