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Outward Hound® Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® LED Strobe Ball Dog Toys Glow

This durable interactive ball starts blinking when you bounce it; turning your typical game of fetch into an exciting multi-sensory experience. Once the ball is thrown and hits a firm surface a multi-colored LED light automatically starts blinking. The LED light is embedded with the same impenetrable technology as our award-winning Squeak Ball. The light is tightly and safely enclosed in a sleeve that is then embedded into the ball during the molding process. The Strobe’s light has a life of 200 hours, that’s over 36,000 throws! And during times of non-lighted activity the ball is still a playtime favorite with a fun texture Strobe scores a 5 out of 5 on the Durability Scale. For extra lighted fun the Glow Strobe ball actually glows in the dark, truly turning night time play into an experience. As with all Planet Dog toys Strobe is made with Planet Dog’s signature Orbee-Tuff material meaning it is Made in the USA, durable, buoyant and is as safe for humans (even babies) as it is for dogs. Clean using warm water and mild soap. Rinse well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

I have a Chesapeake Bay retriever. (90# of chew) This ball has bounce!!! Under the right circumstances it goes wild. That being said Boomer loves it. Chews all the minty smelling orange off and then game on. This is the second ball in two years. First one bring puppy size. Had to donate that one fast cause he out grew it. (That one didn’t count) It is a softer rubber ball and after time he can start getting pieces off it. I retire the ball as soon as I see he is on a destroy mission. So second ball and Boomer just turned two, one a year. Not bad so far. Side note: this ball does glow. I just wish it glowed better. Glow does not last past 10-15 minute throw session. (Brightly glow)


I have an English Mastiff who absolutely fell in love with this ball. We had to buy him a new one because he lost the original. I have purchased many toys for my dogs in the past (I've had 4 English Mastiffs) and I've never found anything as durable as this. Hank will literally chew on it for an hour plus (squelch, squelch, squelch, lol) He loves it and unlike almost every other ball I've ever bought, it hasn't 'popped' (I'm not sure that's even possible with this one) it hasn't started losing chunks - even through all of the chewing, it is still whole, it bounces, it lights up - I'd say we had the first one for at least 6 months before it went missing and at that time there was NOTHING wrong with it. If you have a big dog who likes to chew...this is the ball I'd recommend.

Cash P.

I am not a review writer, but I need to tell you how wonderful this toy is. Most toys, even ones described as indestructible, get torn apart by our Pitbull. Now we have only had this toy for two days, but he has had access to it for at least 10 hours. It is still in one piece, and our pup is obsessed with it. When we removed it for a while, he searched everywhere, which I have never seen him do before. When it got lodged under the couch today, while I was in business conference call, he had a complete tantrum. He is constantly chewing on it, and it appears brand new whenever I am actually able to get close to it. Thank you for this doggie crack, it is keeping my sweet boy very happy!!!!!Follow up- Our Pit finally did finally destroy this toy- but it took a solid 5 days with hours of access each day. We have already ordered a second one, because puppy is sad without it. This toy would probably last forever for any normal pup!!!

Laura M Davsion

My dog is ball obsessed, but not all balls are the same to her. She picks favorites, and this is her new favorite. We've had it for a few weeks now and she hasn't made a mark on it. She's rough on toys and tends to tear them apart, but this one has held up well. She loves that it lights up and I love that it doesn't squeak (haha). It also glows in the dark! It will even glow a little after the lights go off after I throw it. I haven't used it outside so I don't know how it would hold up there. It's a little heavy so I have to be careful when I throw it, but it's not so heavy that I worry about her catching it mid-air (which she loves to do!) like I have with some others.tl;dr - durable, lights up AND glows in the dark, my dog's new favorite toy.


So far, so good. Riley is a champion chewer, and she loves a good ball! I ordered this, and two (more) Nerf footballs, medium size. Mmmmmboy, a squeaky football! Errrr, no, actually. She absolutely LOVES this glow in the dark ball! Perhaps it's because her teeth can sink into it somewhat, as they cannot do with the football. I will withhold judgement as to the durability, longevity and sturdiness for a while longer, as she's busily chewing, throwing, and pawing this great new fave toy. It looks as if it's holding up to her mighty jaws, as there has been ample time to make a 'dent', shall we say, in its hide. Praying Orbee-Tuff is my new go-to for toys to outlast the endurance of Riley Rue, Dogbeast Extraordinaire!to be continued.....We're at the end of week one, and I have to say I am ecstatic with Planet Dog Orbee! This toy still remains Riley's go-to toy, and it has completely held up despite her best efforts to demolish! It looks as if I've finally found a durable, trustworthy toy company for my wee beastie!

Giuliano A. Mazzina

Ok, my pitbull has had it for only a couple hours. First, it's still whole which is amazing. It's a very durable pet toy. When he first got it, he was struggling to bite hard enough which is amazing. Nothing has given him a challenge before. Now he sits with it in his mouth and gives it a squeeze every couple seconds for the smallest of squeaks which makes his tail wag. He won't leave it anywhere either. Super glad I bought it. If it lasts two weeks, money well spent.2 days in and the ball is still in one piece. A few punctures into the material but no chunks taken out. Hes been a stupid happy dog for two days. He takes it to bed, lays it next to his head and goes to sleep. Upon waking up, its back to playing with it. I'll update again soon.


I adopted a 5-month-old puppy from the humane society who, I quickly learned, will destroy any toy. I was telling my coworker about him and she told about me about these dog toys. She said her Doberman destroys everything, but these toys are holding up! It is a bit pricey for a dog toy, but if you think about the fact that you won’t be replacing this near as often, it’s so worth it.Puppy took a bit of time to figure out how to bite this, but now he loves it and is always running around the house with it! I’ve had it for 2-3 weeks and it shows no signs of wear (photos were taken today), other than the letters coming off day one. And it does glow in the dark!A good investment. I would definitely buy again.


To give some context, my 50 lb dog loves toys and is the definition of power chewer. Tennis balls last 2 minutes (shredded to tiny pieces). He can tear apart a golf ball in under 5 minutes! Stuffed animals -forget it! Baseballs, soccer balls, footballs are all no match for him. I tried tons of "indestructible" fire hose and other toys - destroyed within hours max. Nylabones stand up okay, but he chews them until his mouth bleeds. He has zero interest in rubber (like tires or Kong toys).I have tried for years to find some kind of toy he would like that was soft enough to not hurt him and strong enough to last at least a few weeks.I FOUND IT!This Orbe-tuff Sol ball is super flexible/soft. It bounces (kind of awkwardly which he likes), but is soft enough that it doesn't make hardly any noise or damage furniture, etc. in the house. It's about 3/4" thick and hollow inside. When I took it out of the package I thought there was NO way it would last. But I was wrong.First, my dog LOVES it! It's his #1 favorite toy now. Because of it's size, it's kind of hard for him to pick up, which is a plus because he loves chasing it around. Once he does get it, it's soft enough that it squishes in his mouth and doesn't hurt him at all.And best of all, he has tried *so* hard to tear it or rip pieces off (he pulls hard at the larger hole on one side) and has not even been able to make a scratch on it! After a month it still looks brand new and he still loves it.SO happy I found this ball that is s.


If you want to cut to the chase YES THIS PRODUCT WORKS, if you want more details then continue reading.So for starters, we have a 75 pound Doberman whom we call "The Destroyer of All Things". Anything she can tear into (toy wise) she will dismantle in a matter of minutes. It's been very frustrating trying to find toys that will last long enough to occupy her playtime without us feeling like we may as just hand her money to shred up and throw in the garbage.I will say that my dog, however, is also a "picky" destroyer and will not simply chew and destroy and play with just any toy. I bought her a solid hard rubber ball once that weighed a ton and because it was so stiff and had zero give and was actually indestructible (to her standers) but, she played with it for a matter of 30 seconds before never touching it again. If it's too solid and indestructible she gets no satisfaction from it and won't play with it, which is also a waste of money since it's been sitting at the bottom of her toy bin ever since. So trying to find a toy that is a balance of fun for her and durable for our pockets was a hard task, until now.My husband somehow stumbled upon this ball and hopeful from all the glowing reviews (but still skeptical so we wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't work) we ordered it immediately. We have NOT been disappointed thus far and she's had it for a month!! Just like some reviews have said, the squeak did not last long, but that wasn't surprising. Our dog's favorite toys us.


This was my FAVORITE to play with my dog - The rope would get nasty, but not as nasty as the ball, because the material would absorb the slobber instead of resting on the outside for your hand to get all gross when you throw it. The string also allowed for an added game of tug-of-war with my pup. Also, it made it easier to throw further. The ball was also really bouncy. I could have probably tied a new rope to the ball, but I didn't. Instead, we kept playing the the ball on its own until we lost it in the woods somewhere. I will probably buy another!


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