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Kong® Naturals Refillable Cat Scratcher Cat Toys 2 Pack

KONG Scratcher Refills are all you need when it’s time to replace cats’ scratcher options. Fitting KONG Incline Scratcher and KONG Double Scratcher, simply refill and continue to satisfy cat’s natural scratching instincts by encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. Environmentally friendly refillable cat scratchers with bonus Premium North American Catnip are made with renewable resources and are recyclable. Scratch pads are reversible for extended use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

My cats won't leave it alone. I can hear them scratching it in the middle of the night, but I know that's because I sprinkled cat nip on it. They are going crazy and having so much fun with it!

NY Kate

These refills are difficult to find, but they last for a long time, and our cat loves this scratcher -- she stands at the top of the incline and scratches downward, basically lies down to scratch. It's weird, but she really likes it.

Michelle P

Like I said - the only scratch pad my fussy kitten deigns to use.

Sonja H.

After buying a gazillion different scratchy posts, scratchy toys etc that my cat totally ignored....I bought this inexpensive cardboard angled scratcher and my cat loves it! She goes at it on this thing and I have to admit I have gone through about one refill a month because she literally shreds it, but the flip side is that this could be my furniture, so Kong scratcher it is. I also put 2 - 5lb weights inside the holder so she doesn't move it around so much. And don't forget to take out the catnip in it I forgot one time and kitty discovered it and was high for days. Best kitty scratcher ever!

Robert McDermott

This fits right into the cardboard incline KONG scratcher. They don't add the pack of cat nip separate anymore. It is in the cardboard. Does a track them to it now more often. They tear it up more & there is more pieces to vacuum daily. But it saves the woodwork & furniture. NOW if I could only get the new girl to use it instead of the back door frame.


My cats love this, I sprinkle catnip on it and they roll on it ! I put a dumbbell inside the holder it sits in to keep it from sliding around when they sharpen their claws. It's the best cardboard I've had.


I have 10 cats (I TNR). They are all armed and ready to grab. They absolutely love to sharpen their claws on these pads! There are so many different scratch pads; all with different dimensions. It's good to have a reliable, well-priced source. Highly recommended!


Our cats love these!


These are exactly what you want.


We buy these refills and reuse the outer cardboard frame. They can be flipped over once one side is used up!


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