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Ducky World Yeowww!® Pollock Fish Catnip Toys

Our signature pollock fish stuffed to the GILLS with YEOWWW! organically grown catnip! Perfect for nibbling and bunnykicking. Painted like the artist Shaped like the fish!.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Yeowww never disappoints! They last quite a while, are sewn well and our nip heads love them.

Michele C

Both of my cats played with this toy the second I put it on the floor. It seems durable but this is only day one. However it’s a hit and worth the buy.

Faceless me

happy cats

Lauren Ihle

This is the only thing my two cats play with. I have a kitten and an older cat and they fight over this toy so I purchased multiples.

Holly Knott

My cats adore the Pollock and the Banana. The only reason we ever replace them is because they lick them so much, that after time they get a little dirty looking. And one of our cats flung his banana in the water bowl the other day, LOL. Time for new! Thanks for a quality product. The heavy canvas/denim-type fabric is indestructible and the catnip is strong. They use them as pillows, too!!! :-)


stuffed to the gills with catnip - twisting it slightly seems to release more of whatever makes a cat like it so much

D. Paulius

The durability is good but it doesn’t stand up to my mom’s cat’s claws and teeth. He’s ferocious. Thickness is probably just right. Package is good. It’s plastic so it keeps in the strong catnip scent. It’s my mom’s cat’s favorite toy so I do highly recommend it! It’s his second one. My mom kept mending the first one.


This is absolutely the best catnip toy I’ve found. All cats seem to love it - even the hard sells! :)Our last pollock fish has been going strong for 3 years and I just replaced it for Christmas this year for fun. Now I only buy Yeowww catnip products - others don’t seem to compare.

Trent Voorhees

This toy makes 3 for the Pollack fish. My new cat is addicted to catnip. From past experience I know the catnip is potent, fabric indestructible, pleasing to the eye. Good size for grasping as Wilma will be drinking in that sweet aroma of catnip. The other fishwere so loved that they were worn out and buried with Joey and Kathryn, my older cats.

Glenda Bruner

My cats were completely obsessed with the delivery pkg before I even opened it! It was absolutely hilarious! They had great fun. They chilled for hours after!!!!


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