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Earthborn Holistic® Venture™ Duck Meal & Pumpkin Grain Free Formula Dog Food 4 Lbs

We ventured to the beautiful French countryside to source healthy, farm-raised duck for our Earthborn Holistic® Venture™ Duck Meal & Pumpkin formula. Duck is a part of the culinary and cultural heritage of France, and so much pride is put into producing the best duck products possible. French duck farmers are committed to better suiting their ducks’ needs through nutritious diets, attentive handling and care and providing proper living environments, following strict European regulations. In addition to duck meal, our limited ingredient grain-free diet includes carefully selected, vine-ripened pumpkins from California’s lush Central Valley. Pumpkin is an excellent source of high-quality fiber to help regulate the digestive system and to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Deborah Goldenstein

Quality food for a sensitive god. Great it has no potato in it!

Richard R. Veit

I didnt try it but my dog loves it

Wilson Evert

Dog likes it

Deborah Gardner Conta

This is by far the very best dog food I have ever purchased. And I have purchased almost every brand of limited ingredient dog food. Our dog LOVES the taste and gobbles it down, lovingly licks the bowl clean and then looks around for any kibble he might have dropped in his eagerness to feed. So, he is a happy eater. Even better for his caretakers, with Earthborn his stools are small and firm. I am sure part of the reason this food produces small stools is due to the presence of pumpkin. But it's also the amount of high quality protein and lack of junk filler. Yes, the dog food is expensive. But I believe it's worth it in terms of digestibility, improvement in skin and hair condition and the aforementioned small feces. When you have a big dog, this is a huge issue.


My dog loves this food and it’s good for his sensitive belly.

LR Halkovich

My 17 y/o westie goes coo-coo for this stuff. Whatever is in it she sure gobbles it up. The kibble crunches well to help her teeth stay clean.


They have taken it off the market in some pet food stores. Others charge too much! My dogs liked it.

Martin H. McCarthy

Don't bother unless youhad tried a sample and dog likes it.


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