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Healthybud™ Banana Chip Treats for Dogs 5.3 oz

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The low-cal, vegan training treat! Made of all-natural Bananas, the crisps are low calorie, packed with potassium and are great for on-the-go adventures! These delicious banana crisps are coated with coconut oil to give an extra crunchy texture with no added sugar or salt.

  • Great source of dietary fiber and potassium
  • Source of vitamins C and B6
  • Non-oily
  • Great for on-the-go adventures!

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

My dog is obsessed with these banana chips. They've been helping me out with training and because they're so clean, I've noticed a huge difference in his fur & mood!


My pups always go bananas over these banana crisps! I definitely recommend them if your pup is a banana lover

Monica Dempsey

My dogs went insane when they first tried the Banana Chips! Every time they have this special treat, tails wags, and dogs are happy!!! I also love the fact that these treats have limited ingredients, making them safe & healthy for my fur babies.

Pamela Marks

My little guy loves these just as a treat or a couple broken up as a meal topper. He absolutely loves them and I feel good giving him a healthy treat.

Pamela M.

My boy has been having these treats for about a year and he still loves them! Whether as an occasional treat or added to a meal, these treats get gobbled up! Definitely recommend!! Five stars for sure!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I thought I would give these a try after order the meal toppers. My puppies really like them and they have a great crunch to them. I love that I can give them a whole one or break it into smaller pieces. My dogs are all about quantity and not size.


My Aussie goes insane for these. They are by far her favorite treat.


Love that these only have 2 ingredients and they're natural. Great for training and rewards, I like that they're easy to break into smaller pieces too. One pack goes a long way!

Emily Brook

Our border collie Kevin is 6 months old and not very food motivated. It was difficult for us to find a treat that is low calorie that is a big enough incentive to use for training purposes. We were trying various different types of treats and discovered he LOVES bananas. I feel good about giving him something that is healthy for him and he is finally having progress with his training. it is a win win!! I have ordered a couple of times now from HealthyBud and I have been very impressed with how quickly shipments go out. The first order I placed was right before Christmas and I didn't expect it to arrive in time for Christmas, but the order was at my door within 2 days. Very pleased with the products!

Pamela Marks

My little guy just loves these and I also use them as a topper on his meals.