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Healthybud™ Single-Ingredient Cod Skin Treats for Dogs 2.8 oz

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The hypoallergenic, skin & coat savior! Looking for a high reward or hypoallergenic treat your bud will drool for? We've got you covered! Made of pure wild rock cod skins, these single-ingredient treats are hypoallergenic and promote healthy skin and coat. These drool worthy cod skins are sustainably sourced in Canada and contain essential nutrients and a rich source of Omega-3.

  • For healthy skin & coat
  • Rich source of Omega-3
  • 100% sustainable & wild-caught Pacific rock cod skins
  • Air-dried to retain nutrients & flavor
  • Packed with flavor & crunch
  • Great as a high-reward training treat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Elle N.

Yumi ABSOLUTELY loves these treats. He can pinpoint where they are stored and whines for more often!

Rojhan P.

These are EXCELLENT in any situation, but they're life saving in high distraction environments! It's so hard to get her to focus when other dogs are around or lots of noise in the background, but once she gets a wiff of that stinky fishy, she's all eyes on me! 😁

Maggie L.

My one pup Finn does eat anything and loves them but my other dog cooper eats NOTHING and absolutely LOVES these! I play hide and seek with these and Finn will leave the beef liver and meal bites and search for the cod skins!! 10/10 buying more now

Andrea C.

My pup literally goes nuts for these. She can be a bit of a picky eater, but we know she’ll go for HealthyBudCo’s cod skins every time!

Chelsea F.

My dog loves the healthy bud cod skin treats! It’s his favourite high value treat.

Pauline Saliba

My dog Fritz loves these cod treats. They don’t smell great, after all they are dehydrated fish but they are real and Fritz loves them. There is no guessing about what my dog is eating. I do not feed my dog anything other than products made by Healthy Bud.


A great treat for any time! My pup gobbles them down! Great for a training treat, or just something special.


My dog absolutely loves this!! And I don’t feel bad for giving this to her because I know exactly what’s in the single ingredient treat and I know that this is good for her!!! Please don’t ever stop making this!


My Dogs go crazy for their Cod skins! I buy them every month, and both dogs look forward to doing tricks for this special treat!


Sophie absolutely loves these crunchy cod skin clusters. They are right-sized for a medium dog, so she can crunch them up in her mouth without first having to drop them on the floor.