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Pup Corn Plus with Bacon & Peanut Butter Quad Seal Bag

Size: 27 OZ
Quantity: 1 Bag
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    Pup Corn Plus with Bacon & Peanut Butter Quad Seal Bag Bundle

    Did someone say Bacon? That's right, Real Bacon and with the irresistible pairing of Real Peanut Butter too! This one speaks for itself as the crowd favorite. Your pup can pop these Pup's guilt free with less than 4 calories per treat. Perfect as a reward!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Great low calorie treat for dogs

These are really great low calorie treats for dogs. I have an older dog that I have to watch his weight. I also have a puppy that is full of energy and loves to get treats. These are the perfect treat as I can give them a handful of them and it's only a few calories. Perfect for the older dog that I have to watch calories and perfect for the puppy as she can have a lot of them and it keeps her happy. They are really the perfect treats. I get all the flavors and they love them all. They are a good value, high quality treat from a company I trust.

Great dog treat

Great low cal treat, pups love them as well. (Also very affordable!)

Anita Inphoe
Pup Corn, can’t live without it!

My pup is 10 years old and we have been giving him Pup Corn since he was a puppy! We call them ‘scoobies’ and he thinks he can’t live without them. Great product, great price.

Steve J.

The first thing I noticed was how big the bag was! Definitely value for money! Next was that amazing smell when I opened the bag (comes with a ziplock feature which is absolutely useful). My dog who loves pop corns came running to me immediately. Would try the other flavors and will buy again!

Peanut butter and bacon are the best!

Her absolute favorite flavors! She'll eat almost anything but these are the best of the best.

Brenda Baldwin
Pupcorn is a favorite with my three Bostons

It has been a while since I purchased Pupcorn.
We have three Boston Terriers and we give them their treats at bedtime. I try to give them something light, yet flavorful.
I am very picky where their treats are concerned.
There are so many treats that are made in China and having seen how so many arr made and what my furbabies would be digesting, there are not a lot of choices.
I remembered how much my furbabies loved Pupcorn. The price is great, affordable and they have great shipping.
I would give them 100 myself but I did give 5 stars.

Great Healthy Treats

It's the best treat ever!! With pro-biotic and pre-biotic helps, low in fat, and great taste, my dogs love it, and enjoy several a day!!

Kim Yates
Excellent low fat treat!

Having a dog with a restricted diet I was happy to find a low fat treat option. My dogs love the Pup Corn and being able to buy them in a pack of two is a great convenience!

Pupcorn dog treats

Wish you still carried bags of each flavor instead of combined. My dogs absolutely love these!

Peanut butter and bacon pupcorn 2 pack

My dog loves popcorn overly anything else. They aren’t going to make her fat either, so I love them too. All the dogs who come to visit seem to like them as well!


With less than 4 calories per treat, it’s easy to see why pup parents everywhere are choosing Pup Corn Plus dog treats. These pop’able delights are low in fat, made with real Chicken, Salmon, or Bacon, and even provide Prebiotics & Probiotics to help keep tummies happy. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Just a guilt-free tasty treat made in our family owned and operated kitchens in Red Bay, AL, USA. We hope you’ll enjoy these as much as our furry friends do.
-Sunshine Mills Family

Pup Corn Plus with Chicken & Cheddar Cheese

Real Chicken + Real Cheddar Cheese = A seriously delicious and deLIGHTful snack. These light and crunchy treats make the perfect worry free munch for your pup. Low in Fat, Less than 4 Calories per treat, and made with healthy pre & probiotics. You’re making the smart choice for your Pup.

Pup Corn Plus with Bacon & Peanut Butter

Did someone say Bacon? That’s right, Real Bacon and with the irresistible pairing of Real Peanut Butter too! This one speaks for itself as the crowd favorite. Your pup can pop these Pup’s guilt free with less than 4 calories per treat. Perfect as a reward!

Pup Corn Plus with Salmon & Sweet Potato

Ahoy! Seafood Lovin’ Pups. Have we got a treat for you! This Pupcorn Plus variety is made with Real Deboned Salmon and locally grown Sweet Potatoes. Perfect for picky eaters and those pups with a refined taste.

Here’s what Pup Corn customers are saying

“You Can’t Go Wrong. When my Daughter bought my little puggy pups (yes, Brother & Sister both ended up raised by Nana), the “breeders” sent us with a supply of Cheese Pupcorn. We only have the Sis left after 13 years, but they both (Brother/Bruno & Sis/Roxy), but they have both enjoyed a lifetime of Pupcorn. I made sure of it. These treats are wonderful ❤️ ❤️”

- L. Lyman


“My dogs are so sprung off these treats which I started buying at the vet’s office, but now I order direct. Whenever I’m near the tub, they’ll all sit expectantly and stare from me to the treats. I like them because they are lower in calories than some of the cookies and biscuits I’ve used, so I don’t worry about giving them several times during the day. They also come in a variety of flavors, although peanut butter is the favorite. Highly recommended.”

- Lois G.