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Scollar Mini - Toy Dogs and Cats (pre-order)


    Compact, durable, and beautiful, Scollar Mini is designed for toy dogs and cats with neck sizes between 8" and 12".  Scollar Mini is equipped with GPS for global location tracking, waterproofing for all your pool adventures, LED lighting for night walks, and module slots to work with your invisible fences, feeders and pet doors, feeders. Mini protects your furry family at all times thanks to our swappable battery set up.

    Scollar Mini offers superior GPS tracking all over the world for your furry family.

    Scollar Mini is an innovative smart collar equipped with a rechargeable battery system, and two module ports to expand collar features.  Scollar Mini helps you get rid of all those extra collars by seamlessly integrating with your external pet tech, including perimeter barriers, invisible fences, pet doors and feeders.  We also have a power port to operate anti-bark citronella technology or plug in your pet's costume lighting.

    Scollar Mini is also integrated with the Scollar app and cloud service to keep you up to date on all the happenings with your furry best friend.

    Buy pet products right in the app and we’ll ship them to your door. Awesome, right?

    Scollar Mini is a durable, expandable, easy-to-use smart collar designed for  adventurous cats and dogs.

  • For all you tech wizards, Mini includes:

    • Highly tuned antennas
    • CAT-M1 LTE global cellular
    • Bluetooth BLE
    • Motion sensors
    • LED lighting
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • IP68 waterproof
    • Two wireless, rechargeable batteries
    • Dual battery charging station
    • Lost collar tracking
    • Two expansion module ports
    • Fully integrated with the Scollar mobile app
    • In-app marketplace of products
    • Home delivery of products
    • AI engine for product recommendations
    • Flea/tick outbreak risk engine
    Scollar Mini GPS is designed to quickly reunite you with your furry family. Loaded with global CAT M1 LTE cellular and Bluetooth BLE, Scollar Mini is ideal for adventurous dogs and cats. Past locations of pets stored in the Scollar cloud, offering giving you a head start on where they might go next. There is a $6 monthly subscription fee for LTE.

    Scollar Mini safely monitors your furry family 24/7 thanks to our groundbreaking swappable battery system.  Each Mini comes with two batteries and a charging base so you always have a fully charged battery at the ready. Leave Mini on your pet and simply swap out the battery. We'll even alert you on the Scollar app when your battery needs swapping.

    Need a separate set up for the charging batteries at the office or your pet sitter?  No worries.  You can get an extra charging base and batteries in our store.  Problem solved.

    We keep pet tracking information in the Scollar cloud so if your dog or cat loses their collar, you can find it. The map on the Scollar app has a slider bar that allows you to move backwards in time to see where your furry family hangs out.  The app allows you to turn on the buzzer and LED light so as you get closer to the collar, you can spot it easily.


    The Scollar app lets you to share you furry family with a co-owner, family member, and a pet pal, giving everyone the right info on their daily care routines.

    The Scollar app enables you to share your pet with a co-owner, family member, and a pet pal, ensuring everyone knows daily care routines and has the latest information about your furry friend.

    Stay in front of fleas and ticks outbreaks with our risk engine.  We’ll alert you before a flea outbreak happens in your area, then serve up a suggested product for your pet.  And we’ll even deliver your treatments right to your door.

    Our catalog includes thousands of familiar and trusted pet products like food, flea/tick treatments, supplements, treats, toys, and supplies. Our AI learns based on information about your pets and serves up an in-app pet store filled with personalized product suggestions. Prefer a different product? Do a quick in-app search for that product  instead.  

  • The sizing of Scollar is based on the neck circumference of your pet. Scollar should fit your pet's neck loose enough that you can fit 2 fingers between the collar and your pet's neck. If your pet wears a collar currently, you can also measure that to decide on your Scollar size. Use the attached size chart to find the size you and your pet will need!

    Scollar Collar Sizing Chart