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9 Ways Pets Help Raise Healthy Kids

9 Ways Pets Help Raise Healthy Kids

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When it comes to raising kids that are happy and well-adjusted, parents in today's world often don't know where to turn. However, while they are focused on their children's education, health, and other aspects, many research studies are showing pets can help raise great kids. From helping a child become a better student to laying the groundwork for them having a successful business career, pets can do things no parent ever thought possible.

Confident Kids

It's only natural that parents want their children to be confident as they journey out into the world, and the good news is that pets can make this happen. According to research from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pets that provide unconditional love and support day in and day out create kids who have high levels of confidence and self-esteem.

The Importance of Responsibility

When children have a pet, they quickly learn that to give them the proper care, they must feed, groom, play with, and clean up after their pets at about the same time each and every day. By doing so, kids not only learn how their actions impact the lives of their pets, but also just how important it is to have a regular schedule in their own lives. By doing so, they can then apply their newly-discovered organizational skills to school and other areas of their lives.

Improved Literacy

If your child has an aversion to reading, getting them a pet can change all that. In various studies, researchers noted that children who have pets at home that sit patiently and listen to them read become better readers in school. As for a reason why, scientists believe it's due to the pets listening to the children while delivering no criticism if the kids make a mistake now and then. Along with these reasons, there are numerous other ways pets can help kids lead happier and healthier lives.

Whether it's helping them learn how to start a pet-sitting business or the importance of empathy, there are no bounds as to the amazing power of pets.

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