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Product recommendations are based on a combination of what we gather about your pet and our own attribute mapping that enable us to make targeted, personalized recommendations. Seeing a recommendiation that you don't like or feel like doesn't make sense? Email and we can figure out whats happening!

Reach out to us at and we will see what we can do to get your brand!


Wow! We are honored! To connect with our technical team about developing new app features, please email

Wow! We are honored! To connect with our technical team about developing new collar or other hardware features, please email

Wow! We are honored! To connect with our partnership team about working with Scollar, please email

Product Information

We use CAT M1 LTE radios which allows us to have the BEST tracking on the market! We use a cellular connection which will have a fee of $5.99 per month to access.

We are working toward a month-long battery life. Scollar also comes with 2 batteries so one will always be charging and one will be on the collar - your Scollar. That way whenever you get a Scollar low battery warning, you simply swap the battery on your Scollar in seconds so you never have to take Scollar off! On duty 24/7!

As we continue to run tests this year, we will have a more thorough answer. We use a chip that automatically connects with the cellular service that is optimized in the area you are using Scollar, which should eliminate most of the low connectivity issues. We have beta testers who will be putting the connectivity to the test!

The sizing of Scollar is based off of the circumference of your pet's neck. We recommend using a measuring tape to measure your pet's neck the way you would like their Scollar to fit. We recommend Scollar fitting loosely enough to fit two fingers in between the collar and your pet's neck, but tight enough that your fingers feel snug between the Scollar and the neck. If you dont have a measuring tape, you can either measure their current collar when it is laying flat. OR you can take a piece of string and wrap that around your pet's neck the way you would like their Scollar to fit and then measure that. If the measurement is a size that is represented in two different sizes (ex. 12"), we recommend you go with the larger size so you can loosen it if necessary.


- Mini: 8"-12"

- Trek: 12"-24"

Trek XL: 24"-28"

Currently we are manufacturing special edition black Scollar units as part of our limited release this year. We will expand to other colors as soon as next year! Let us know what colors you would like with a quick note to

We are manufacturing Scollars right now and will be shipping units out to our preorder customers in Q3 of this year, 2020. We will also be doing a limited release in Q4 of this year. Everyone who gets a Scollar this year will have the opportunity to help us perfect Scollar and have their input heard and possibly implemented. Next year, we will be releasing more Scollars for purchase.

We are in talks with multiple invisible fence companies to integrate their technology with Scollar. We want to find the best integration for you and your furry fam, so it is taking us some time to develop that. We are shooting for Q3 of 2021.

Let us know what invisible fence you would like us to work with by sending us a quick note to

We are constantly developing the tech for Scollar and are always looking for companies to partner with to bring new capabilites. We are in development of a few different features right now. We are in the process of deciding if they will be released as modules or as something you can upload into your Scollar. We will have more updates on what that looks like soon!

Let us know what modules you would like us to make by sending us a quick note to

Scollar Mini has a vibration and buzzer noise setting. Based on the size of the pets who are wearing Scollar Mini as well as the size of the collar, we made the decision to not add that feature at this time.

We recommend that you have the app with your Scollar Smart Collar. This will enable you to get the full functionality of what the Smart Collar offers! This includes, tracking, reminders, activity monitoring, as well as any additional functionality you specify in your personalized Scollar app! We are always available to help set up your app to make it exactly what you need as a pet parent. Reach out to us at or chat with us on this page and we can walk you through it.

Using the Scollar App in conjunction with the Scollar Smart Collar will give additional functionality, though it is not required. You can use the Scollar App for saving all of your pet's information, getting personalized recommendations and more!