Can I Feed My Dog People Food? A Quick Guide for Pet Owners

Can I Feed My Dog People Food? A Quick Guide for Pet Owners

Zuko, my Golden Retriever, could be in a dead sleep, dreaming about running wild and free in a field of daisies, until I open the cheddar cheese package in the kitchen. His ears perk up and he is (somehow) instantly at my side, staring up at me with those imploring, adorable eyes. He patiently waits while I grate cheese for my tacos or slice cheese for my sandwich. He knows that the chances of getting a tasty morsel of his own are about 99%.

 Sound familiar?

Pet owners are very concerned with ensuring their dogs and cats eat food that is healthy, natural, and made from ingredients they can pronounce. Millennials (I know, you hear this everywhere...) are a dynamic force behind this change. Many feed their furry pals "people food" and raw diets are becoming a new trend. Some folks even make a game out of tossing carrots for mid-air mouth catches or stacking chunks of cheese on the nose and making their dogs wait for the highly anticipated "OK!"

If you are going to add people food to your pet's diet, or even lean mostly on people food for your pet, add in a multi-vitamin chew to ensure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need. 

Scollar takes pet nutrition very seriously.  We created a personalized set of food suggestions for your furry family based on information about your pet and nutrition information from experts.  

First up... what people foods are safe to share with your furry family? We created an infographic to help guide your tasty morsel sharing. Check it out. 

adding people food to your pet diet infographic at Scollar Personalized Pet Care
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Great read! It’s important to know what human foods are safe for our furry friends. Understanding the potential risks and benefits is crucial for their well-being. Thanks for highlighting these key points and offering insights on what foods to avoid when sharing with our beloved pets


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