9 Tips for Dealing With Pet Hair

9 Tips for Dealing With Pet Hair

We love our pets like family.  However all that hair is a source of constant upkeep, especially in the Spring when our beloved pets are shedding their winter coats. Keeping your home clean and pet hair free becomes even more challenging. It is pure hard work (a lot of cleaning, coupled with some organization) to keep your home clean and comfy. If you have no idea how to get pet hair out of the carpet and where to use your best upholstery cleaner, just keep reading! We will share all the tips to help you organize your home in the most convenient way. 

tan little dog getting groomed

Find a local groomer  

Most pets do not like grooming and you do not like pet hair on your clothes and furniture. So, how are you able to strike that balance if you want to reducehair shedding all over the house and pet hair on clothes? The answer might be to find a professional to groom your pet’s hair and keep it under control. Pets with a thick undercoat and long hair will shed more, and the groomer can curb some of the loose hair. No better solution to keep your fur babies looking their best and get some of that hair out of your house. 

tan chihuahua getting bath in tub outside

Keep them clean 

One of the best ways to get rid of hair is to be proactive before it lands all over the place. Start by keeping your pet clean. Bathing works well to remove extra pet hair when they are shedding their thick winter coats. Bathe your dogs every two weeks. Cats should be bathed carefully and under vet’s control. Bathing will help decrease the loose hair floating around your house and it will help keep your couch free from dirty paw marks. Win-win!

gray tabby getting fur brushed by human

Get the purrrfect brush 

Pet hair brushes should be on your "must-have" list when you get a pet. There are different types of brushes for all types of pet hair. Brands like “Furminator are the most popular among them, as they deal with long hair AND that thick undercoat at the same time. It is best to combine brushing every day with visit to the  groomer once a month to keep your fur babies looking fine and keep the volume of hair in your home low. 

Cover your couch 

This sounds awkward, we know... but the most popular and time-saving way to save your furniture is to cover it with a blanket or slipcover. It is easier to throw the cover into the washing machine once a week than to take a couch cover to the dry cleaner. Though, be mindful with pet hair in the washer. After washing the covers, wash one cycle without laundry to clean the machine. You can use blankets for coverage or order some hand-crafted covers.  We found cool pet couch covers at My Pet Needs That, and PupProtector makes a furry throw version we absolutely love.  

orange and white tabby next to person vacuuming rug

Find the best vacuum and vacuum regularly

An easy way to reduce loose shedding hair is to vacuum daily. A pet hair vacuum is a very specific product category among domestic appliances. These models are usually stronger than typical vacuums with a tangle-free turbine tool. You can use them both for cleaning the house and for pet hair removal. Remember to maintain your vacuum regularly by checking and cleaning the belt, the filter, and the brushes. Our friends at Good Housekeeping have gathered up a great list of pet vacuums to help you decide which one to choose.

Cleaning pet hair with a vacuum will decrease the volume of hair here, there, and everywhere.  Here's a pro tip about vacuuming  carpets and blankets! The vacuum works more effectively if you dampen the surface (lightly) you plan to clean. It is also crucial to clean pet hair filters; a clogged filter is the number one problem that keeps your vacuum from running well. You can even vacuum your pet using the brush tool. You may have seen videos of pets enjoying this very odd way to clean themPlease make sure that the vacuum is set to a lower setting so it doesn't damage their skin!  

black and white boxer waiting for his human to open a can of dog food

Improve their diet 

You might be wondering if we mean grain free, kibble, freeze-dried or raw? That is not our intent as we are not veterinarians.  What we mean is that a highly nutritious diet  will help improve your pet’s coat condition. Shedding can be caused by a lack of  vitamins and minerals in their diet. Whole foods added to their regular diet as well as nutritional supplements help create a more balanced and nutritious feeding program. Always consult your vet to get the best diet plan for your beloved one.  

german shepherd getting checked by veterinarian

Get regular health checkups 

Different animal illnesses may affect your pet’s hair. Hormone levels, digestive organs, and nervous system imbalances are the most common things that influence a pet’s coat. Obesity can be a reason for excess hair because your pet is not self-caring and cleaning. So, if your pet is shedding all year-round, start with a visit to the vet. 

Use what you have on hand

Are you a DIYer?  You probably have things in your house ready to help you keep all that fur under control. 

  • Dryer sheets:  Dryer sheets work wonders with all types of pet hair. You can use them on almost everything. They work perfectly on furniture, floor corners, carpets, and rugs. Get even better results when you dampen the sheets before using them. 
  • Rubber gloves: Another household cleaning tool that a pet parent must have is a pair of rubber gloves. The rubber surface picks up hair from all sorts of things and provides a shiny coat for your little friend. 
  • A damp mop: A pet hair mop is an ideal instrument for cleaning hardwood and vinyl floors. It acts like a magnet when it comes to gathering all that pet hair off the floor.  
  • Roll of tape: It works the same way as a lint roller, only stronger and cheaper! Keep a roll near the entry doors to remove all that fur from your clothes before you head out. 

Invest in a humidifier 

Hair gathers more easily on surfaces due to dry air conditions. Usually, it happens in winter when the furnace is running. A humidifier helps put moisture back in the air and makes it easier to pick up all the hair. The added benefit of a humidifier is that your own hair will not be so staticky! 

tan tabby laying in arms of person reading

The road ahead

Ultimately, pet parents know that they have to be prepared to clean the house more often to tackle pet hairThe tips above should help you clean smarter, so it is easier to keep your home hair free.  

What is your preferred way of dealing with the pet’s hair? Do you have any special tricks and tips you use to keep pet hair under control? Share them with us! 

Archie was a builder for over 40 years. Since retiring this enthusiastic electrician works in his garden and writes for Homemakerguide.com to keep himself occupied. Archie also made nearly everything in his house by hand. 

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