Giants in Small Bodies: Challenges of Raising Toy Dogs

Giants in Small Bodies: Challenges of Raising Toy Dogs

You’ve probably seen pics of Paris Hilton emerging from her G Wagon with an expensively dressed terrier perched in her arms. Toy dogs are probably the most conspicuous breed of dogs among celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Blake Lively. Although toy dog breeds are expensive, quite a number of people can afford to acquire and raise them. Keeping a toy dog healthy is frequently more challenging than people realize when they bring that cute fur baby home. Here are some of the challenges encountered with toy dogs.

Tiny Maya Chan dressed up for a Sunday outing

They Are Vulnerable To Injuries

A teacup dog can be injured by a minimal task such as jumping from a slightly high chair. Trying to keep Teacup dogs is not exactly a great idea if you have kids. This is because children have the tendency to play rough with small dogs, which can be severely harmful. Members of the toy dog club that are prone to easy injuries are Chihuahuas and the Italian Greyhounds, due to their small size and delicate skeletal structure. Here are a few tips to keep your little furry pal safe:
  • Learn the best way to handle and carry your toy dog
  • Monitor little kids when they play with toy dogs
  • Demonstrate good care techniques to other family members
  • Keep them warm in cold weather with a cute sweater

They Can Be A Little Aggressive

They often growl and show their fierce attitude when their bigger cousins are nearby. These erratic behaviors will force you to become strict in controlling them. The process of calming can be daunting if you don’t restrain the little pooches by their leash. Because of their small size, their owners tend to be overprotective yet permissive, excusing some grave behaviors that bigger dogs wouldn’t get away with. You will have to put up with this eternal pampering to a tiring level. You can pamper and protect your tiny pal AND train them to be sociable. You can find excellent training programs in your area. Look for a training that is for both your pet AND you - we all need refresher courses now and again.

Tiny chihuahua wearing a sweater by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

They Eat Their Own Poop

You've heard of dogs eating things out of the cat's litter box, but sometimes toy dogs have been known to eat their own stool, a condition known as Coprophagia. This trait is common in several types of dogs, but toy pooches have the tendency to do it more often than other groups of dogs. It is more of a behavioral problem than a health issue. While this behavior can look disgusting to humans, it is considered normal in the dog world. However, this behavior can be partly escalated by either an illness, learned behavior, or nutritional deficit.

They Have A Hard Time Breeding

The whelping complication is a situation whereby the dog has difficulty in giving birth. Toy dogs have a small stature, so their pelvic openings are narrow and have limited endurance capability. Boston Terriers, Poodles, Pugs, and Toy Poodles are the four toy breeds that are worst affected by the whelping complications. If you are going to breed your little furry pal, here are some things to consider:

Tiny chihuaha with her pet parent on a walk

The more you know about how to keep your tiny furry friend healthy, the happier you both will be! Here are a few more resources to bookmark in your browser.

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Such an insightful read! Raising toy puppies certainly affords special challenges that require mammoth care and attention. This article brilliantly highlights the significance of perception their unique wants and presenting the proper surroundings for these little giants. Kudos to the creator for shedding mild on these frequently neglected elements of elevating toy breeds!

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Such an insightful read! Raising toy dogs comes with its unique set of challenges, and this article brilliantly sheds light on these aspects. As a toy dog owner, I found this piece incredibly informative and relatable. It’s heartening to see a platform like Scollar addressing the specific needs of these adorable companions. Looking forward to more valuable content like this!

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