Cats & Medications: Tips for Avoiding the Claws

Cats & Medications: Tips for Avoiding the Claws

Cats. They're soft, playful, and cuddly. And sometimes, they claw your hands and face to bits. Love them or hate them, cats have some sharp claws that can getcha good.

Get the Medicine in the Cat

Cats are like us, sometimes they need to take medicine for short-term ailments or long-term conditions. With administering medicine comes the ever-present threat of catching the claws. Our cat, Momo, has optical herpes and requires daily eyedrops. This has meant many fights and dodging paw swipes. We have developed a few methods to help us give medicine in a way that is safe for us as well as for the cat. 

person holding kitten by nape of neck

The Baby Hold

Ever seen a momma cat carrying their baby by the scruff? This method is like that; you playing the mom, your cat playing the baby. Most cats when grabbed by the scruff will freeze and allow for you to quickly give some medicine. If you are giving pills and want to make sure your cat swallows, gently hold your cats mouth closed while stroking the front of their throat. 

cat bundled in a red blanket

The Burrito

This one is pretty much what it sounds like. Grab a blanket and get ready. Approach your cat and place the blanket over them. Pick up your cat gently while tucking the blanket underneath them as well- wrapping them up like a burrito. Once they are in the burrito, you can administer pretty much any medicine without worrying about claws swiping out and grabbing you. It is important that you balance the burrito wrap of the blanket between tight enough to comfort the cat and keep the claws at bay, but loose enough that it doesn't injure or squeeze the cat too much.

The Two-Person Job

Got a big cat? A wiggly cat? Or medicine that takes a long time to administer? You should try the "Two-Person Job". Grab a friend and get ready to grab your cat. One of you will hold the cat and one of you will give the medicine. If the person who is holding the cat is having trouble holding holding them still without getting injured by *the claaaaww*, combine this method with the burrito! 

garden gloves sitting on green grass 

The Michael Jackson

What do Michael Jackson and hawk handlers have in common? You guessed it... gloves! Wearing gardening gloves or handy-man gloves are going to offer your skin some protection against the wrath of claws. Pairing this method with any of the previously listed methods will add extra protection!

If you have any methods we didn't mention, tell us in the comments below!

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