Dog Meet Baby: Introducing Your Human Baby to Your Four Legged Baby

Dog Meet Baby: Introducing Your Human Baby to Your Four Legged Baby

Hi, I'm Kyla. I am mostly Siberian Husky and German Shepard, but I have some other breeds mixed in as well! Let me tell you a story... I knew something was about to change when boxes started arriving and the guest room started filling up with packages that weren't for me.

I was a very happy dog, getting lots of attention from my Mom and Dad. Regular walks, visits to the dog park, lots of love and "Kyla, what a good girl you are!" in their special doggy voices.

Who is arriving?

Then one day a dog trainer came to visit to prepare ME for a new "arrival". Uh oh - were we getting another puppy for me to play with? Nope. That's when I made the connection between the new "arrival" and the room filling up with stuff. Lots of stuff.

packages stacked up by a doorway

Now when I get jealous of other dogs, like my Uncle Enzo, they call me a jellybean. They seem concerned that I was about to become an extra-grumpy jellybean. No way - I promised to be good. I peeked over their shoulders to read the list of steps to take to create a bond between me and my new sister.

First, I had to strut my stuff for the trainer. I had to show that I understand words like sit, lie down and stay. I proved that I don't have to jump and that I come as soon as I'm called. Easy peasy - I've been doing those tricks for months!

They did teach me a new one though - "go to place". That place was wherever they pointed to. I learned that trick in a day! It could have been the treats that sped up my learning, but I like to think it's because I am so smart and trainable.

The baby is coming!

My pet parents had to share my routines so that I wouldn't associate changes with the coming of the new arrival. They finally started calling her THE BABY! They started doing weird things with a doll - like rocking it, feeding it and walking with the doll in a stroller.

Who were they kidding? By now I was on to them. I could tell a critter was growing in my Mom's tummy by the kicks and pokes that had her laughing. They started spending less time playing with me two or three weeks before the baby arrived. They were told not to overdo affection only to have it stop when they brought the critter...I mean the BABY...home.

The sounds were next. They started paying a variety of sounds so that I could get used to them. And then my nose was tickled with new smells of lotion and powder.

baby with husky dog

Baby is here!

Two weeks ago, it happened! The critter moved into my house. Very slowly I have been allowed to come close and sniff the little darling though always with my pet parent between me and the baby. I'm not allowed in her room unless someone is with me. I respect that in case I lose my cool.

I got used to her smell pretty quickly, and now I'm proud of being a terrific poop detector after just two weeks. I know my pet parents still love me; they give me plenty of attention when the baby is around.

Yesterday my Dad wanted me to feel really special, so we went to our favorite park to play ball. Keep it up Dad! Baby Cami and I will be just fine. I'm in love now too!

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