National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day: Top 5 Burning Questions from your Cat!

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day: Top 5 Burning Questions from your Cat!

On January 22nd, it’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. It’s not a joke, there is in fact a day dedicated to trying to decipher what our feline friends are trying to ask us. Although speech bubbles aren’t provided, it’s a day to really listen to our cat’s every meow and try to understand their behavior.

What Is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day?

Although you might be hoping that there’s actually a day where you can magically understand your cat’s every meow, it’s sadly not this day. All jokes aside, this is a day to spend some time engaging in meaningful communication with your cat and making an effort to try to understand what his sounds, movements and behavior may in very real terms be trying to tell you.

“Cats are naturally inquisitive animals. Put yourself in your cat’s paws for a while and consider things from his point of view. Is there anything you can do to improve his life and happiness?” suggests Rufus Thompson, a journalist at  Custom Essay.

The History Of Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day was created by Ruth and Thomas Roy of It’s celebrated every year on January 22nd. It was specifically created for all cat lovers to spend with their feline friends and strengthen the bond between them. Most importantly, the aim of the day is to encourage cat owners to have an opportunity to better understand their cats and their needs.

Questions Your Cat May Be Asking

Wouldn’t it be great if just for one day your cat could actually verbalize her questions in a way you understood? Whilst we can’t be sure of exactly what questions your cat might ask, here are five questions we imagine they probably have.

cat scratching couch


Why Can't I Scratch the Sofa?

Scratching is totally normal for cats and it’s important for all cat owners to ensure that they provide scratching posts for their cats to prevent them from becoming stressed or depressed. The sofa however, is not one such place! Perhaps there is a better place for your cat’s scratching post further away from the couch.

Pro Cat Tip: Add catnip and toys to your cat's scratching post to entice them to use it instead of your couch. 

cat chewing on plants


Why Can't I Eat the Plants in the House?

There are some plants (such as lilies, mistletoe, holy and azaleas) that should simply be kept out of the house. These plants are toxic for cats. One thing that cats can eat and absolutely love is cat grass. It's super easy to grow and then put in a pot in their favorite window sill.

Pro Cat Tip: Keep your cat grass neatly trimmed and watered and they will nibble on it regularly.

cat waiting for food or milk


Why Won't You Let Me Have More Milk?

However much your cat meows in protest, it’s important to limit their milk consumption. Too much milk can contribute to obesity. If it’s not digested properly, it can also cause diarrhea. Cats are notoriously uncaring about making it to their litter box when they are in distress and you don't want to step in their little gift later. Since cats are creatures of habit, you can train them, (no really!) to look forward to a small dish of something delicious every day. Maybe it is a bit of sliced turkey or a small bowl of milk. 

Pro Cat Tip: Remind them how much of an obedient, loyal servant you are when you give them that daily treat.  

person is pointing at cat

Why Do You Get So Angry When I Pee On The Carpet?

You have provided your cat with a litter box, but when was the last time you cleaned it out? Perhaps you’ve moved it or bought a new one? Think about whether you need to move it to another location or consider whether you actually need to take your cat to the vet to be sure they are not sick. This may be his way of telling you he’s not well.

Pro Cat Tip: Experiment with different cat litters until you find one they like and once you find the one they love to dig around in, keep buying it! 

Lady taking photos of cat


Why Do You Take So Many Photos of Me?

We’ll leave it to you to explain to your cat how much you love him and want to share this simple fact with the rest of the world. You could show him the photos the next time he parks himself on your desk or your lap. Be sure to tell him he is the most handsome cat in the world.  It helps. Really.

Pro Cat Tip: When you have video calls, let kitty be part of the conversation. It just might help them get used to that darn skinny black box being pointed at them. 

How to Celebrate Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Celebrating Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. Set aside some time to spend with your cat. Think about the questions they might ask and try to answer them.

Every time your cat meows, purrs or trills they are trying to communicate something to you. Celebrate Answer Your Cats Questions Day by getting off social media, laying on the floor next to them and spending some quality time together. Just listen to them while they share their view of the world. You’ll be on your way to becoming a cat whisperer extraordinaire!

Take a photo of your furry mischief maker and caption it with their question. You can even add a speech bubble for fun! Then add the hashtag #AnswerYourCatsQuestionsDay”. We'll share them on our social channels!

Katherine Rundell is an accomplished pet writer at  Management essay help and  Homework help. She writes regularly about cats, including guides on cat healthcare and ways to communicate with your pet more successfully. A lifelong animal lover herself, Katherine enjoys spending time with her two cats and sharing her fun photos with other cat lovers.

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