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Stuck at Home with Your Dog? Beating the Corona Prison Blues

Stuck at Home with Your Dog? Beating the Corona Prison Blues

In our last disaster preparedness blog, we spoke about what to do when you need to evacuate with your pet. But what do you need to do if, instead of leaving, you're forced to stay inside? We have some tips to help keep you (and your furry fam) sane and healthy.

Similarly to prepping a GO bag, the same type of materials should be stocked up onfor an extended period of quarantine or self-isolation.

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Potty Accommodations
  • Training Treats
  • Puzzle Toys
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Have the Essentials on Hand 

Food, water and any lifesaving or regularly given prescription medicine are necessitiesto have on hand.If you can,stock up on at least 2 weeks offood and a month of medication. The situation going on in the worldcurrentlyis dynamic,so anywhere from 2 weeks to a month of food would be a good idea.Depending on what your vet will prescribe you medication wise will dictate how much medicine you can have on hand.

For many people during this difficult time of self-isolation and shutdown during the COVID-19 outbreak, thiscan be an expense thatcan seem unmanageable if facing the time without pay. Many shelters are offering free dog and cat food as well asfood assistance programs for those who needsomehelpduring thistime.

Check in with your local shelters to see what donations they need as well as how they can help you as a pet owner.

NOTE: We atScollar completely understand the fear of this situation that can lead tostockpiling. We don'trecommend buying enough food for the year or indefinitely. None of us are the only people in the world and it is important to take care of each other during this time, which means leaving enough for others on the shelves.

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Give Potty Breaks

This one is a tricky situation for some people depending on where you live. If you live in a house with a yard, bathroom habits get to stay the same for yourdoggos (and kitties!) If you live in an apartment on the other hand,depending on your building'saccommodations, your furry fam may need to use the bathroom indoors.

To convince a pet that normally goes to the bathroom outside, that it is ok to go inside is a process. For dogs, the most important thing is maintaining routine. If your dog always poops on a walk, get the leash out and lead them over to the spot you've designated "temporary potty".As for what you can use to absorb their ~business~, we recommendpuppy pads, newspaper, or evenastroturf.

Create Activities for Dogs

Dogs love activities andneed a certain amount of exerciseevery day to remain the healthiest they can be. Since walks might be out of the question depending on where you live, there are quite a few options to keepdoggos busy.

Puzzle treat dispensers can be quite expensive if you buy them from a store. However, they are also super easy to make out of things you have lying around your home!
  • Have a leftover cereal box that is just going to go in therecycling? Put somestuffies or treats inside and tape it up. This willhelp your dog get some destructive energy out without hurting anything in your house that you'd like to keep whole.
  • Making a tennis ball with treats inside is very easy, but best done carefully as you will be using a knife or scissors. Take a tennis ball and cut alongsome of the exposed rubber in between the green felt.The slit should be between 1-2 inches long, just long enough for the slit to open when your dog chews on the ball and allow treats to fall out (slowly).Watch the instructionsHERE.
  • A game that doesn't involve any extra supplies besides some kibble or treats is treat hide & seek. Make your doggo sit (or put them in a different room depending ontheir patience level) and hide pieces of dog friendly food around your house. This allows them to usemultiple senses and gives them a taskwhich will tire out both their body and mind.
  • Looking for more? Check out some fun optionsHERE!
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Remain Positive

This is a time of uncertainty and fearfor people across the world. There are scary things going on in the world, but also positive things. If you want some good news on your instagram timelines, here are some of our favorites: All of usatScollar are here and we are happy to chat with you about anything, from our productsto the best flavor of ice cream (I say strawberry!) Reach out to us to chat. Be careful, be kind, and be conscious of each other.