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Are you worried about what to do if your pet goes missing?  Learn some easy things to do to find your pet quickly, including posting flyers and scouring shelters.
You're going out of town and need a pet sitter, but where do you start? Learn how to find a pet sitter, including the topics you must discuss before you leave your pet in someone else's care.
  • 4 min read
Spring is here in all of its glorious splendor. And so are the allergies that come with it. If your dogs and cats are starting to scratch and sneeze and lick their paws, we can help you keep them more comfortable.
Pet hair here.  Pet hair there.  Pet hair everywhere.  Don't worry.  We've gathered 9 tips to help you get all that hair under control.
So you brought home a new cat. Time to learn about feeding, playing, socializing, and what supplies you need to make them at home.
  • 6 min read
Did you just bring home a new dog? You're going to need help training them, protecting your furniture, and getting your new dog adjusted to the kids. We have 7 great tips to get you started.
Have you made the decision to get a dog or cat? There's a lot to do to prepare for your new furry family member including training, socializing, pet proofing, buying supplies, and finding a vet.
The tree is aglow, candles are flickering, and glittering reindeer, snowmen and lights adorn front lawns across the country. We've got tips to help you snag the perfect photo of your pet
Trying to keep your dogs and cats cool in the searing summer heat? Here are 8 pro tips and a downloadable infographic showing you how to keep your pets (and you!) cool this summer.
  • 4 min read
Are your pets itching a lot? Are you ankles filled with little red bits?  We have some important tips to help you stay ahead of fleas all year long.
  • 3 min read
Bar K Dog Bar founders, Dave and Leib, had a simple mission:  Create a cool place to hang out with their dogs. The rest is history.
  • 3 min read
Looking for an apartment that accepts dogs? Learn 5 tips for success, including seeking referrals, creating a pet resume, and learning the building rules.
  • 4 min read